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Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: PacSun | Shoes: Old Navy

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)

Page 2. A day spent drinking lots of tea, lounging in my new flannel, and denying the fact that it is still winter. As I walked around Woodbury Commons yesterday, shivering regardless of my four very warm layers, I was completely drawn to this PacSun skirt. While this is not the most weather appropriate outfit, I thought it was a good one to kick off 2015 on the blog. It’s fun and colorful, yet sophisticated at the same time. And can we talk about the sleeves on this top? Bell sleeves never felt, or looked, so good. So here’s to the next 363 days of 2015 – may they be as colorful and sophisticated (and warm?) as this first post of the new year!

Music: We’ve all heard the top 100 songs of the year countdown by now (and if you’re like me, five or six times over), so this is a new top 100 playlist for your ears: the top 100 indie songs of 2014. It’s seriously fantastic. Go listen HERE.


Peace n Blessings


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Out With A POW


SPRING BREAK! It feels like I’ve been waiting all year for this vacation… Florida, California, no school, no snow? I mean, what else could I ask for? Yesterday really got me in the mood. With final exams finished, I had a lovely day off in SoHo with the gals. Rompers, sun-hats and high-rise shorts were among my favorite purchases. And, of course, I could not wait to pair these newbies with my good-ole comic socks.

DSCN1955 DSCN1962 DSCN1963 DSCN1968 DSCN1973

Romper: Forever 21 | Sweater: Kerisma | Hat: Forever 21 | Socks: Forever 21 | Shoes: Old Navy

(Photography by Kathryn McSherry)


Song of the Day Break: I’m always looking for good remixes and this is the best one I’ve found in… well, forever: “Where Have Starships Been Beautiful”


Peace n Spring Break Blessings