steve madden

Merry, Merry


Top: American Apparel Factory Outlet | Skirt: Free People | Flats: Steven by Steve Madden

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)


Merry Christmas! I was expecting – and looking forward to – a cold New York Christmas, snow flurries and all. A 72˚ Christmas Eve is far from that. It was a rainy, cloudy day yet warm at the same time. And don’t get me wrong, I’ll take this weather over freezing temperatures any day. But when I say “any day” I mean “any-day-but-Christmas-or-Christmas-Eve”.

This top has become one of my favorites. It’s a wrap top, which is more confusing to maneuver than I originally thought it would be, and the material is incredibly soft. What I didn’t think through was how impractical a black long sleeve top would be for most of the year in southern California. Oh well. I’ll suffer for it anyway. This skirt is also one of my favorites (and has seen a McSherry Christmas before). It’s a thick material yet light enough to wear in warm weather like this. It also satisfies my love of black and white patterned anything. These flats were my Black Friday purchase from Steve Madden in Las Vegas. I wish I could wear them every day of my life, but they look a bit really odd with my mom jeans. Believe me, I’ve tried. Sigh.


A non-Christmasy song, because the season is basically over (double sigh) – “Way Back When” by Kodaline. A beautiful, beautiful song.

Peace n Blessings and Merry, Merry




Dress: Wet Seal | Sweater: Project Social T | Shoes: Steve by Steve Madden

(Photography by Brooke Helstrom)


Finals are approaching and it’s quite overwhelming. Final exams in my high school had a very different vibe than they do here – we reviewed for a few weeks before hand; we knew exactly what topics would be on the exams; and we could go home, lounge on the couch whilst studying and snack on whatever we wanted. Now I have to go all the way to a dining hall to get snacks, which aren’t nearly as good as they are at home, I can’t lounge all afternoon in my sweats on my little couch, and professors don’t like to give out information about the exams. It’s wild. So I’ll be hibernating for the next two weeks (hopefully) and getting some serious study time in.

Brooke and I took a breather from editing our final writing papers and chased this LA sunset from the roof of one of the buildings at USC. It was incredible: an entire 360˚ view of the city, the mountains – we could even see the Hollywood sign off in the distance. After a few weeks of really buckling down and getting work done I almost forgot how beautiful this city is. Go outside and watch the sunset tomorrow – it puts a lot in perspective and is a perfect mind refresher.

Also, it’s December and it was 81˚ today. Unbelievable.


Okay, I’ll admit it – I’ve been listening to Christmas music since November 1st. And no, I don’t regret it. And no, I’ll never get tired of Christmas music!!!!! Lately the She & Him Holiday station on Pandora has been my study playlist and the background noise when I get in little I-need-to-re-organize-my-entire-life fits. I highly recommend that station. I also recommend “Snow In California” by Ariana Grande. It reminds me a twinge of home and the fact that it just doesn’t snow in Southern California. It’s beautiful and not overplayed like so many other holiday songs are.

Peace n Blessings