Kiis 102.7 Jingle Ball


imagesStaples Center, Jingle Ball

When I found out Jingle Ball in Los Angeles was two stops away on the metro and One Direction an incredible mix of people were performing I knew I had to go. Of course I tried the whole call-the-radio-station-every-day-trying-to-win-free-tickets thing and failed (except I was caller 82 once!!), so I ended up with StubHub tickets which got me two seats in the very last row of the entire theater.IMG_7234

5SOS opened up the show and did not disappoint. The minute Michael began the opening riff of Amnesia I flashed back to the last time I saw them live. They sang a few old songs and a few off their new album, and overall they were a great start to the show.  12342339_960951477311329_9105859402304023521_n

In all honesty, I was there to see One Direction (which really shouldn’t surprise you at this point). The Kiis 102.7 crew made it very clear throughout the night that this was One Direction’s last performance in the US before their two year break *cue the tears* *yes, real tears* *ask Brooke*. The 23 minute set was perfect – and yes they sang “Perfect”. I was most excited about hearing their new songs live. I’ve heard “What Makes You Beautiful” live about 9 times now, so while it still strums on my heart strings the real feels came when they sang “History”, “Drag Me Down” and “Infinity”. It was one of my favorite One Direction concerts yet, and I’m not sure if it’s because it was in such a big arena and everyone was singing along or because it was a huge milestone in their careers. Regardless it was #WorthIt. 12294617_960951470644663_8100212345225230794_n

Other performers included Shawn Mendes, who brought out special guest Camila Cabello, Hailee Steinfeld, Zedd, Selena Gomez and DNCE. I was pleasantly surprised by Hailee Steinfeld and Zedd’s performances. I was not expecting much from Zedd but his set was a mix of his own songs and live mixing of other top 40 hits. His set was the most fun I’ve had at a concert in a long time, and that’s saying something. Hailee Steinfeld only sang two songs but she is an incredibly talented singer. I was impressed. DNCE was absolutely wild, which I was expecting. Joe Jonas ran through the crowd for the entirety of a song and I have never seen a performer jump up and down more than his guitarist did.


Overall, Jingle Ball was Unknown. Next winter I highly recommend going to the nearest Jingle Ball to you. The concerts are exhausting (it was like 4 hours long!!) but you get to see so many incredible acts in one night and it’s super fun– right Brooke!?!

Peace n Blessings


Made In The A.M.

If the fact that I am still obsessed with One Direction is a surprise to you, do you even know me? No. The answer to that is no. Made In The A.M. came out today and of course I’ve been listening to it all day, so here’s the low down on every song on the Deluxe album.


“Hey Angel” – A good opener for the album – it’s kind of trance-y, like there’s a lot of oOoooOoOo’s and big harmonies and a slow drum beat in the background, but the lyrics are a bit too repetitive for my liking. 6.5/10.

“Drag Me Down” / “Perfect” – If you haven’t heard these songs where have you been. They’re both more mature from their past songs and have different (good) vibes. 7.5/10 / 8.5/10. 

“Perfect” – Again, if you haven’t heard this song where have you been. It’s more mature and definitely not geared towards the 13 year old crowd their previous albums have been marketed to. Good stuff. 8.5/10.

“Infinity” – Like “Hey Angel”, this song is trance-like until you get to the chorus, which is more raw. It’s quite a sad song but I really like it. Favorite lyric: “How many nights does it take to count the stars? / That’s the time it would take to fix my heart”. 8/10.

“End Of The Day” – I absolutely love the opening of this song, but the chorus is too different beat wise and lyric wise from the other verses that it bothers me quite a bit. Favorite lyric: “I told her that I loved her, was not sure if she heard / The roof was pretty windy and she didn’t say a word”. Also “Just me, her and the moon”. 6.5/10. 

“If I Could Fly” – This one made me cry. It may have been the late hour at which I first heard it, or maybe the strings, or the harmonies, or the lyrics, or the speed, or everything. Favorite lyric: “Pay attention, I hope that you listen cause I let my guard down”. 10/10.

“Long Way Down” – Also super obsessed with this one. The lyrics are incredible and very creative, and it’s paired with raspy Harry and acoustic guitar and I love it. Favorite lyric: “We found an island / But we got stranded”. 9.8/10.

“Never Enough” – This song starts off sounding like a cappella and I love it. It also weirdly makes me think of people in a rainforest, living a tribal life of some kind … i don’t know, just listen. 9/10.

“Olivia” Unbelievably catchy (even Brooke says so!!!) and it reminds me of Take Me Home One Direction (tbt to “Rock Me”). Also a great shower/elevator song, just ask the people on my floor… 10/10.

“What A Feeling” – Lots of harmonies and the beat is (surprise!) catchy. 8/10.

“Love You Goodbye” – Seriously so heartfelt – a really sad breakup ballad and it strums on my heart strings. 9.5/10.

“I Want To Write You A Song” – The only word I can think of to describe this is cute – it reminds me of something a high school boyfriend would write his girlfriend, cute guitar plucking and everything. Gotta love it. 9.5/10.

“History” – Hands down my favorite song – I’m a sucker for clapping in unison. Favorite lyric: “No they don’t teach you this in school / Now my hearts breaking and I don’t know what to do“. Overall the lyrics are a bit repetitive, which is why it’s a 9.9999/10. 

“Temporary Fix” – Definitely a more mature song (and definitely not for teeny bopper fans). Reminds me of a 90’s band and I love it. 9/10. 

“Walking In The Wind” – One of my favorites – it has incredible lyrics and a guitar riff that will forever be stuck in my head. It’s incredibly heartbreaking, though. Favorite lyric: “If you’re lost, just look for me / You’ll find me in the region of the summer stars”. 10/10.

“Wolves” – This song has these wolf-ish sounding OooOOoOoO’s but it’s tasteful and not totally overwhelming and there are also a lot of harmonies and it’s just great. 8.5/10.

“A.M.” – FIRST THINGS FIRST – THEY CURSE IN THIS SONG! I was honestly shocked when I heard this for the first time, but I feel like this song really sums up this album for the boys. They are turning a new leaf – one without Zayn, with a new audience in mind, and new and raw life experiences – and I really like it. It’s completely and utterly raw, and this song is absolutely beautiful. Favorite lyric: “We’re just swimming round in our glasses / And talking out of our asses / Like we’re all gonna make it (yeah, yeah)“. So! Grown! Up! 10/10.

Peace n Fangirl Blessings


No Need To Play It Cool

Polaroid CUBE12003946_916590318414112_3873225253180925229_n11938041_916588921747585_7943217232746811732_n11951926_916590481747429_1686154738621143914_n11986491_916588955080915_3152841269500204826_n12004077_916590455080765_6917277005270597944_n11350751_916590431747434_1852171845856480146_nIMG_4752

(photos taken on a Polaroid Cube)

imagesSanta Monica

When I first dreamt of going to California for college, I thought my time would be spent lounging on the beach, studying to the sound of crashing waves and salty breezes. Boy, was I wrong. My time is spent studying, however not on (or even near) a beach. My study spot has taken the shape of a big comfy chair in least aesthetically pleasing of the libraries and the shape of a metal chair on the porch of the library, in the occasionally noticeable breeze and ever-present sun. The good thing is my classes are interesting – yes, I like school. I really do – so doing work isn’t the worst thing in the world.

I did get some beach time in, though. My dorm floor took a group trip to Santa Monica, hopping from the metro to the bus and onto the pier.  It was such a nice break for being in bustling (yet weirdly spread out) downtown LA. Santa Monica is adorable. I got my shopping fix and food fix, in the form of crepes and a milkshake, on the promenade and then my beach fix, boogie board and all. I highly suggest trying to get two people on a boogie board simultaneously. It’s atrociously difficult and absolutely ridiculous.

I also suggest getting a Polaroid cube. It’s a smaller, less expensive version of a GoPro and is my favorite thing in the world. I now have a waterproof case for it, which made these lovely beach photos possible, and I can bring it more places without worrying about it getting a lot of water damage. The cool thing is that it’s splash proof and weather proof, but these West coast waves were far from splashes. One warning about the polaroid cube, though, is that it’s impossible to know what the photos are going to look like. In all of my attempts to document myself in a non-selfie fashion, lovely photos of the water or of the sky were taken. But hey, that’s just part of the fun.


My favorite beachy song: “Make A New Dance Up” by Hey Ocean! It’s so catchy and is incredibly beachy. Good vibes all around.

Peace n Blessings


LA Live

la live-7la live-1lalive2lalive1

Dress: Wet Seal | Jacket: Thrifted @ Downtown Threads | Boots: Old Navy | Bag: Florence, Italy

(photography by Brooke Helstrom)

imagesLA Live


I’ve been exploring a lot the past few weeks in LA. I’ve been to Culver City, Downtown LA, and I’m headed to Santa Monica tomorrow. These photos are from my floor’s dinner trip to LA Live. I made my own pizza (crust, barbecue sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken and a sparse amount of mystery green leafy things) and it was quite delicious. Definitely not New York pizza, but it was much better than dining hall food on campus. The same old morning omelet salad lunch/dinner routine is getting a bit redundant.

My closet is getting a bit repetitive, too. I’ve only been here for three full weeks, but somehow I’ve worn just about everything I packed with me and had to do an SOS online shopping spree at Wet Seal (and a few other places… oops). This dress is like brandy tee-shirt material (aka heaven) and it’s perfectly lightweight for the weird California weather. It can go from insanely hot and sticky to cool and windy in the matter of a sunset and this dress is perfect for the in-between. I also felt like my little booties were quite LA and my denim jacket was quite LA too… a little LA can’t hurt, right?


Stop This Train” by John Mayer was a song that came through my cheap and sadly quiet portable speakers during a music sharing hour in my dorm. It’s absolutely beautiful and can fit any transition metaphor you choose to relate it to (i.e. college, moving, starting a new school, leaving friends, … college). “So scared of being older, I’m only good at being young. So I play the numbers game to find a way to say that life has just begun.”

Peace n Blessings


Culver City

culver city-2culver city-5culver city-8culver city-4culver city-1culver city-3la cienegaculver city-6

Romper: Wet Seal | Sandals: Marshalls | Backpack: Urban Outfitters via. Poshmark | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

(Photography by Brooke Helstrom)

Culver City

So I arrived in California two weeks ago, ready for the endless sunny days and ecstatic to wear cute summery clothes 24/7. Quickly I learned that I didn’t pack enough suitable clothes for 90+ degree days weeks, and I also didn’t pack enough clothes in general. I was blowing through my flowy shorts and crop tops like nobody’s business, and soon enough I had nothing loose/cool/comfortable enough to wear in this ridiculous California heat. In my two weeks at school so far I’ve learned that rompers are the solution to this heat problem. I bought this romper online from Wet Seal and I’m obsessed. It’s perfect for casual occasions with sandals and backpacks (like so) or dressed up with wedges or booties. It also has pockets. Casual. Love it. Going to wear it every day. Never going to take my hands out of my pockets. Oops. 

Today my floor (BK 3 represENT) traveled on the metro to Culver City to see… wait for it… a production of Harry Potter Hamlet. It was fantastic. We were college kids in a sea of children and umbrellas, but it was fun nonetheless. We grabbed some In-N-Out, went to Trader Joes (bought a succulent for our room (her name is Karl)), and then hopped back on the metro.


All Of The People” Panama Wedding is all I can listen to lately. If you walk by my dorm, there’s a 94.78 chance you’ll hear me blasting it.

Peace n Blessings


Governors Ball 2015

govballblogggov ball blogIMG_3427running11406839_864650726941405_4417908328033792096_nstuff

Top: Kohl’s | Shorts: Romwe | Shoes: Vans | Sunnies: Bass | Backpack: Urban Outfitters via Poshmark

Governors Ball, Randall’s Island

I started my bucket list three and a half years ago when I started my blog, and ever since day one, going to a music festival has been number two on the list. Saturday, I crossed that off my list. I veni, vidi and vici-ed at Governors Ball and I loved every second of it. My friends Leah, Norah and Landy and I started off with HOLYCHILD, the most amazing group in the history of music. They were so fun and energetic and I love that they’ve created a whole new genre (brat pop). We got to meet them after their performance and they were seriously the nicest people. They were so genuinely interested in talking to everyone who came out to get their album signed and were so excited to meet their fans. My favorites from their set include “Money All Around“, “U Make Me Sick”, and “Happy With Me“. Next we headed off to see Marina & The Diamonds who was amazing as always. The crowd by the time she performed was exponentially greater; we went from being front row at HOLYCHILD to being lost in the back in the matter of an hour. After that we wandered around the food trucks and head-bobbed to some Kiesza in the background. Then we sat and listened to Angus & Julia Stone. I didn’t know much of their music, but the vibe was so relaxing and their vocals were so raw. We ended the night (after more food, of course) with Conor Oberst. I had never heard his music before, but my dad and my friend, Landy, were big fans. We left before all the Deadmau5 madness (#1 because 18,000 EDM fans and me and my three friends just don’t mix, and #2 we were graduating the next day) so Conor was the last act we saw. He was so calming yet fun at the same time it was the perfect way to end the night.

Speaking of food, the food was unreal. I had Korean BBQ short rib tacos with red cabbage and parsley for lunch (with a free slurpee sample on the side), I had 16 Handles and I drank milk out of a coconut. There was an entire food truck dedicated to grilled cheeses, and another with just vegan ice cream. Along with the food there were also a bunch of amazing art installments. Gov Ball wasn’t just about the music, it was about the experience. Half of the day was spent solely standing in crowds or sitting in the non-muddy parts of the grass listening to fantastic music, and the other half was filled with food eating, people-watching, art enjoying and picture taking. If you ever get the chance, please please pLeAsE go to Governors Ball! It was an unreal experience and I hope to be back on Randall’s Island next spring.

Peace n Blessings




Top: Madewell  | Skirt: ASOS via Poshmark | Sandals: Marshalls | Bag & Sunnies: thrifted

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)

While wandering around a little park in my town with my sister/photographer extraordinaire we came across this weeping willow tree. There was a sliver of an opening on the side and and underneath was a mossy, green wonderland. It was the perfect background for my fruity (or should I say frooty) shirt and my new denim skirt. I’m obsessed with the flare at the bottom and the details on the front and sides. It was also perfect for the weather – the denim is really thin and stretchy so it’s really comfortable for humid days and the Madewell top is light and airy.

SOTD: I’ve been a fan of Marina and the Diamonds for as long as I can remember. She was the opening act at my first concert (Katy Perry) and her music has gotten better and better since then. Her newest album FROOT is like Electra Heart on steroids – but a good kind of steroids. The vocals are amazing like always but the lyrics are a million times more amazing. They’re so raw but so real. My favorites off the album are “Froot“, “Blue” and “Forget“. Go listen!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there (especially my mom – you rock). You’re all amazing.

Peace n Blessings


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Bag: somewhere in Venice, Italy | Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters | Boots: c/o Wet Seal (similar) | Top: Brandy Melville via Poshmark | Sunnies: H&M (similar) | Headscarf: c/o ASOS (here)

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)

not Indio, New York

Nothing compares to Coachella. I mean where else do people strut their best festival gear, munch on insane food, and jam to three straight days of incredible music among stars and nobodies? Nowhere, that’s where. I’ve had a major case of nochella-itis for the past two weeks, which was partly because I was stuck at home sick wanting to be anywhere else and partly because why wouldn’t you have nochella-itis – it’s Coachella. After scrolling through what seemed like an entire Instagram feed of people soaking in the Indio sun, I decided to put together a blog of what I would have worn to Coachella.

Boots (or sneakers) of some sort are necessary – the ground tends to be quite dusty in Indio and you don’t want a sandal dirt(tan)line… gross. I went with my trusty Wet Seal boots which are airy enough and comfortable for a whole day of walking, standing and dancing. As a New Yorker it’s hard to imagine anything warmer than 60˚, so I went with ripped mom jeans. If I was in southern California for the actual event, I probably would have gone with something more flowy such as shorts or a sun dress. I wore my new favorite top, a knit halter from Brandy Melville that I scored on Poshmark (yes, I’m still obsessed). I topped it all off with these insane  H&M sun sunglasses, a sun and moon printed headscarf and my favorite map backpack. Hopefully next year there will be an actual Coachella post (or three)… fingers crossed!!

Music: I’ve been listening to this playlist over and over again, so I hope it cures some of your nochella-itis, too.

Peace n Blessings


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All Good Things Must Come To An End

IMG_7442scblog1IMG_7467scblog2IMG_7457 Dress: Lulu*s | Shoes: Sperry Topsider Outlet

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)

Hilton Head, South Carolina

All good things must come to an end: a quote thrown around to make someone feel better about a bad/sad situation. A good thing: something good ie. spring break or One Direction.

This week has been filled with great tragedy. Not only did I fly home from vacation to a fresh snow-covered New York last weekend, but yesterday One Direction announced that Zayn Malik has left the band. As a die-hard fan since 2011, I did not take this news lightly. I never wanted to think about the band breaking up because I didn’t believe that it would ever happen. Yes, I know, they’re not breaking up, but to me, One Direction has five members, not four. Hearing about Zayn’s departure from the band surprised me but his reason for leaving did not. Zayn was clear; “I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight“. The band has not had a proper break in over five years. They’ve been recording and touring and appearing on television programs and promoting products simultaneously and non-stop since 2010. So I hereby declare, as a fan of One Direction and a lover of Zayn Malik, regardless of how upset I am about Zayn’s departure from the band, I support Zayn and his choice to take care of himself and take a well deserved break. While I wish it did not have to come down to this, I wish Zayn the best and I support his decision 100%.

On the other hand, I do not support the end of spring break. My one week in Hilton Head was heavenly (even if I did get sunburned) and this week at home has been great, too. It’s unbelievably difficult for me to retire my sun dresses to my closet after a warm week on the beach and I can’t wait until the weather warms up in New York. I guess it is true that all good things must come to an end…

playlist of the day: for all of you folks recovering from Zayn’s decision, I think this should help.

Peace n Blessings


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March Playlist


If you’re an East-coaster like me, you’re probably sick of the snow. And if you’re not, you’re wrong. I’m done with bundling up and I’m ready for some more pleasant weather. Nothing cheers me up more than music, so I put together an up-beat mix of summery songs that I’ve been listening to lately. “Chivalry Is Dead” has seriously been on repeat for three days in a row… yeah it’s that catchy. Enjoy, folks. Dance your hearts out. xx

Peace n Blessings


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