Bucket List

  1. have a fashion blog
  2. go to a music festival                                                                               
  3. live in Europe
  4. do a school semester abroad
  5. casually meet One Direction
  6. learn to play a song on guitar
  7. walk a red carpet                                                                                                          12122514_934106653329145_4396223145549327459_n
  8. meet Jackson Guthy                                                                                                    jackson guthy
  9. take a picture in front of a graffiti wall                                                                   252280_331562110284966_1876954424_n
  10. eat a Vermonster                                                                                                        vermonster
  11. eat a Vermonster BY MYSELF                                                                                                       625449_521684801238001_132325956_n
  12. go to an Ed Sheeran concert                                                                                    P1010271
  13. meet Ed Sheeran
  14. do a split
  15. go vintage shopping                                                                                                                        IMG_2123
  16. learn to surf
  17. go to a Beyonce workout class
  18. get into college
  19. take a photo in a telephone booth                                                                      london
  20. go to California                                                                                           BoVAHPfCUAIgFIn
  21. fly on a plane by myself
  22. attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
  23. meet Cara Delevingne
  24. have someone sing to me
  25. see FUN. in concert                                                                                                     P1010872
  26. meet Tim Gun
  27. have my feet eaten by fish in a spa
  28. pull an all nighter
  29. get a Polaroid camera
  30. write a song
  31. get a small tattoo with a lot of meaning
  32. drive a car
  33. get my license
  34. visit Fiji
  35. learn to ride a longboard
  36. own a designer bag
  37. meet Miley Cyrus
  38. go to a fashion show                                                                                                  P1010196
  39. pass an AP exam
  40. dye my hair
  41. say yes to everything for a day
  42. frolic in a sunflower field  (or a meadow)                                 11902446_911757752230702_1952632486474109377_n
  43. See a concert at Madison Square Garden
  44. take a bad picture holding up the leaning tower of Pisa
  45. go to fashion week                                                                                                      P1010212
  46. go to London                                                                                                             DSCN0341
  47. meet Rachel Zoe
  48. be front row at a concert                                                                                               10858398_772520786154400_747635130877655703_n
  49. put my footprint or write my name in a sidewalk
  50. drink coconut milk out of a coconut                                                      11391230_864217376984740_9013439270551894621_n
  51. go crowd surfing
  52. send a message in a bottle
  53. have ultimate VIP tickets to a concert
  54. be invited to a Fashion Week show       Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.57.11 PM
  55. go to Italy                                                                    Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 5.20.10 PM
  56. meet Alexa Chung
  57. learn “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson on guitar (the riffs and everything)
  58. travel to Hawaii
  59. make it onto Brandy Melville’s instagram
  60. attend Coachella
  61. do yoga and not pass out
  62. play laser tag                                                                                            11667461_10155749053325654_1757513110302748938_n
  63. make a guitar strap friendship bracelet
  64. grab coffee with Harry Styles
  65. go to the Ellen show
  66. be a guest on the Ellen show
  67. attend an awards show (Grammys, VMAs, …)
  68. start a collage/art journal
  69. have candy colored hair (lavender, pink, blue?)
  70. ride in a hot air balloon
  71. do aerial yoga
  72. hike to the Hollywood sign
  73. sit front row at a fashion show                                                                                       12049117_940755612664249_96455407657661318_n.jpg
  74. play ukulele at a mountain peak
  75. go to the balloon fiesta
  76. go to salvation mountain
  77. visit the Moraga steps
  78. watch the sunrise from Twin Peaks in San Francisco
  79. visit the Golden Gate bridge




  1. Hi Megan!

    Thank you so much for leaving your link in a comment on my Instagram! I’m truly loving your blog! Especially this post! You have, really, only amazing things on your list! Might take some of them and put them on my own!

    Hope you’re doing alright!

    Emma xx, http://www.ouvrirlabouche.com

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