High Line

highline-10highline-3highline2-1highline-7highline-1highline-6high lineprof.jpg

Top: Abercrombie & Fitch | Jacket: thrifted | Scarf: Camden Market | Skirt: Pac Sun | Boots: c/o Wet Seal | Bag: Urban Outfitters via Poshmark

(photography by Brooke Helstrom)

imagesThe High Line

There’s just something about being a tourist in your own city. I trekked into Manhattan for the first time since I went away to camp last August, and after taking a downtown express subway instead of a local train, it was clear I had lost a bit of my inner New Yorker. But then I was in the thick of SoHo and weaving in and out of real tourists and I felt it all come back to me. After some shopping and a much needed avo toast break, Brooke and I explored The High Line. It was beautiful and not too crowded; it made me happy to be home.

Two things have changed since I’ve gone to college: I like bananas (I even had two for breakfast one time!!) and I like turtlenecks. There is ample opportunity to eat bananas at school. Wearing turtlenecks, though? Not so much. I was ecstatic to have found this turtleneck on sale at Abercrombie on Boxing Day, and I proceeded to wear it three days in a row (this was day one… maybe). It’s Brandy Melville soft, black and white stripes like 97.6% of the rest of my closet, and it is a much needed layer in the battle against the cold weather – which I still haven’t adjusted back to. I felt like a middle schooler again coming back from the mall with a big Abercrombie & Fitch bag, but they’ve really stepped up their game. The number of shirts with “Abercrombie” written across the front has gone down exponentially, and everything is a lot more practical. They’ve got my vote.


Because it’s really catchy and my jacket is blue (it’s a stretch) – “Blue” by Marina and the Diamonds

Peace n Blessings



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