Walking In The Wind


Top: Project Social T | Sweater: c/o Wet Seal | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: c/o Wet Seal

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)

I’ve realized a few things since coming home from college for the first time since August: I am still hopelessly in love with One Direction (see exhibits A, B, C, etc.); I have completely adjusted to 60˚ LA days, so coming back to 38˚ weather and NYC winds straight out of JFK was far from fun; and I really like this pair of jeans, which I used to banish to the bottom of my denim pile in my closet, and have worn them more in the past few days home than I have all year. Also, as clearly seen in this post, I struggle with looking at the camera. I guess my shoes are much more interesting than the new patch on my camera.

Today my family had our second of three Christmas celebration at my grandma’s house. There is a gorgeous area of land behind her house, including two ponds and a possible beaver?! Shoutout to Kathryn for exploring with me through the cold and windy weather to make this post happen. You rock, never change. As much as I’m excited to have 60˚ weather again in a few days (thanks El Niño), it’s a bit sad knowing I definitely will not have a white Christmas.


As I’ve been walking in the wind since I’ve gotten home, “T-Shirt Weather” has been playing on repeat. Such a tune.

Peace n Blessings



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