Patched Up

patch-3patch-11patch-9patch-2Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.49.35 PMIMG_7431patch-8patch-5

Dress: Brandy Melville | Denim Jacket: Thrifted | Shoes: Steve by Steve Madden | Patches: c/o Hipstapatch 

(photography by Brooke Helstrom)

I developed a sticker obsession over the summer. It all started after I bought my hydroflask water bottle (which you should buy for everyone on your Christmas list because it is my favorite thing in the whole world) – everyone at camp had one and mine seemed too plain. So I hunted around for my favorite stickers in Burlington, which included a Patagonia sticker, an 802 sticker and a few camp stickers. Now it’s covered in Brandy Melville stickers, a Tapingo logo (the second best thing next to hydroflasks!!) and a Pura Vida Bracelets sticker. It’s quite full.

So, naturally, I had to find another canvas for my stickers. As you can tell from the photos in this post, I literally moved on to every other place you can possibly put stickers, but used patches. Hipstapatch is an awesome company started by a creative teenager (like me) Amanda. The company sells peel and stick patches in lots of fun, hand-drawn designs. A lot of the thrift stores in Burlington sold big, sew-on patches, which all caught my eye, but the commitment of sewing something large onto a piece of clothing scared me. With these patches I can stick them on bikes, on my computer (where they all are currently), on hats, on my shoes, and even on my jean jacket. I also was able to stick them on my jacket or shoes and take them off, changing the positioning or moving them completely to another item of mine. I love that these patches aren’t just limited to clothing, and that they can live on my camera lens cap or on my laptop. These patches also are incredibly well priced, so if you’re not into spending the $30 on a hydroflask water bottle, check out the Hipstapatch website. The next ones I’m hoping to get (to cover my polaroid camera and maybe my planner for next year) are the watermelon, shaka, New York City, and hippie van patches!


I discovered Spotify this week and I really don’t know what I was doing with my life before then. I ran across my old friend Ray’s new song “You Always Win” by his group Dropout. IT’S. SO. CATCHY. and you all should go listen. It’s on my December playlist which I will be updating obsessively for the next month (and will link here as soon as I figure out how to do that… #newbie).

p.s. by this time next week, there will be a new post on the blog from back home! yay finals! yay winter break! yay kathryn! 

Peace n Blessings



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