Dress: Everly via Poshmark | Blazer: H&M | Flats: Old Navy | Padfolio: Amazon | Business Cards: Moo

(Photography by Brooke Helstrom)

In my first week of college, I heard the word “padfolio” a concerning amount of times. A padfolio, as I quickly came to know, is a notebook with a pocket for resumés and business cards and a notepad for taking notes during interviews. It’s a business thing. USC even has special ones in the book store with each school’s name or the USC logo engraved on the front. Fancy stuff. I wanted to be cool and hip and fashionable and go for a color other than black or brown so I bought one off amazon that looked like more of a pantone caramel, orange-tinted-brown-color-that-you-can-wear-with-black-or-navy colored padfolio, which ended up being just lighter brown. So now this here cork padfolio (eco friendly might I add!!) has made its way onto my Christmas list. I also have been way too excited about my business cards. I bought both of mine on Moo: a professional set, and a set for blog functions. I’m utterly (get it – moo) obsessed with the front of them which say “Hello, my name is Megan and you should check out my blog”. Not only are they funny, but they have rounded corners, they fit all my bloggy information, and they come in 5 different colors!!! This, folks, is what happens to you when you become a business student.

You also get real comfortable wearing flats and blazers. For one of my classes I have to wear a suit every Friday morning. Yes, you read that correctly. So business professional I have down pat. Business casual, on the other hand, has always been more of a struggle for me. I wore this to my first recruiter reception, one for fashion brands and companies through the fashion industry association club on campus. So wearing a fun printed dress was acceptable, however the lines when it comes to business casual in the fashion world are even more blurred. I am a fan of over dressing rather than under dressing, so I wore a blazer and flats to keep it as profesh as I could while still showing some personality. Most people wore shift dresses with small heels (something I need to invest in) or pants and a nice top. The reception was really nice but totally overwhelming. In a sea of Juniors and Seniors vying for jobs, I, a wee Freshman trying to be professional and interesting at the same time, felt like a tiny fish in an ocean. It was good getting out there, though. Onwards and upwards!


Honestly, all I have been listening to lately is Made In The A.M., so this one’s an oldie from my Pandora list of liked songs – “Last Breath” by the Plain White Tees.

Peace n Blessings



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