Style Fashion Week LA // 10/18


Top: Aritzia | Skirt: Missguided via Poshmark | Shoes: ASOS

(photography by Brooke Helstrom) 

imagesStyle Fashion Week LA

I really love art and I really love fashion and I really, really love my ASOS flatforms (in case you couldn’t tell). And don’t even get me started on my rose gold leather skirt… I wrote about it in one of my college papers. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. The last night of fashion week was one big love fest for me. There was an art exhibit where the trade show had been in previous days, I wore my skirt and my shoes, and it was fashion week. How could you not love that? The Los Angeles heart piece and the eyes painting were my favorites, although there was also a painting collage thing of Karl Lagerfeld which was quite epic. Again, shoutout to Brooke who lent me more (yes, more) of her clothes from Aritzia. I lent her my skirt and top, too, so I guess we’re even now. Biggest piece of college advice thus far: find a roommate you can share clothes with. And if you can share shoes, room with that person forever.

Aside from my outfit situation, the fashion on night four was incredible. There was an entire swim series, which made me completely thankful to be in a place where I can go to the beach year-round. Although it got down to a whopping 75 degrees this week and I saw a concerning amount of North Face jackets and Uggs… I was wearing a tank dress. I guess my New Yorker was showing. Almost everything on night four was printed. One of my favorite shows, Sun & Seeds, was full of gold and yellow tribal/floral prints. There also was an epic sunflower printed mini dress complete with platform wedges and an umbrella. It just screamed tropical princess and I loved it.


Middle Distance Runner” by Sea Wolf is another one of my Pandora finds. It’s a total slight head-bumping, catchy but not too-catchy homework jam. 10/10 recommend.

Peace n Blessings


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