Style Fashion Week LA // 10/17


Dress: Aritzia | Necklace: c/o roomie Brooke | Shoes: Sperry Topsider Outlet | Earrings: Forever 21

(photography by Brooke Helstrom, runway photos by me)

imagesStyle Fashion Week LA 

Before class even started out here in sunny Southern California, I bought a succulent. A collection of succulents, actually: some that grow tall, some that are short and round, and one that looks like an ivy plant but in succulent form, all together in a little pot. Her name is Karl (yes, she, and yes, Karl with a K). The best thing about having a succulent in college is that if you don’t have to water it every day. Missing a few days (or even a week) of watering is actually necessary for the plant to survive. When Brooke and I were walking into the Style Fashion Week LA venue and saw this massive wall of succulents, we had to stop. In my future home, I will have wall like so, except maybe with more succulents. In my future home, I also will have a closet full of clothing from Aritzia. For now, I have Brooke, who’s closet is quite full of Aritzia. It’s a good thing we’re the same size, or else we both would suffer from daily clothing crises.

This plum/grape/some-kind-of-dark-purple colored dress is beautiful. It’s much nicer than most of the Forever 21 and H&M stuff that fills my closet, and wearing it made me feel like a million bucks (ok, maybe a million minus one bucks when standing next to people at LA fashion week, drenched in Céline bags and designer leather jackets). So thanks Brooke! And thanks for the necklace, too. (See, this is becoming a trend…)

The designs on night three of Style Fashion Week LA were nothing short of fabulous. It was full of more formal fashion, including full length gowns, suits, and crowns. There was an entire show of young boys and men in loud printed and bright solid colored suits. It was fantastic. There also was an entire show of very medieval inspired formal dresses (in the last runway photos), full of intricate lace, veils and huge crowns. The pieces shown on the third night were some of the most practical pieces I saw throughout all of Style Fashion Week. While sweat-pant maxi skirt/sweatshirt combo’s make a strong statement about comfort, I just can’t see myself strutting a grout-fit sweat-fit around at any event. These gowns could actually be worn to a black tie event, and the suits would be perfect for, well, anything. I’m a big advocate for printed suits: they can be worn all year round, at all times of the day, to all kinds of events. They are truly underrated.


I have created this master study playlist on Pandora, starting with Alex & Sierra and now ranging from The Weepies to X Ambassadors to Angus And Julia Stone to Ron Pope to Ingrid Michelson. It’s killer, and I find myself wanting to listen to it while I’m not studying, too. It’s that good. One of my most recent favorites is “Our July In The Rain (Stripped)” by He is We. I had never heard it before and I instantly fell in love. It’s so raw. Such a masterpiece.

Peace n Blessings



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