Style Fashion Week LA // 10/16


Dress (worn underneath): American Apparel | Top: Nordstrom | Boots: c/o Wet Seal | Bag: Florence, Italy | Necklace: c/o Brooke (roommate #1)

(photography by Paxton Lambright, other photos by me)

imagesStyle Fashion Week LA

Day two of Style Fashion Week was definitely one of my favorite days. There was ample opportunity to sit in the front row (and yes, I took advantage of it) and the designs looked incredible. One of my favorite shows was the Uwi Twins show. The Uwi Twins, Rwandan genocide survivors, also showed a collection at New York Fashion Week. I studied the history of the Rwandan genocide in high school, so watching a collection so deeply inspired by a tragedy I knew the background of was incredible. The show began with a performance (shown in the last photo) and was impressive from start to finish. Two extremely similar looking women walked down the runway and were not off by a beat when they stopped, posed and turned around. It was so well choreographed the crowd just about fell off their chairs. Some of the other shows included Foxbait, Soul Star Clothing and Seize & Desist. The finale of the Seize & Desist collection was definitely memorable: an incredibly tall male model on a mini-segway taking a selfie in the center of the runway. Definitely not your average finale.

I have had the American Apparel ponte dress in light blue on my wish list for, well, ever. About three summers ago I tried it on in the store on one of my days off and went to buy it, thinking it was on sale. Alas, it was one of the few full-price, new items in the store. Fast forward to three years later, on my first big driving outing to the fashion district, to my trip to the American Apparel Factory Store. It was $35 instead of $70 something and my knees just about snapped in half right then and there. You can’t really tell but the dress is quite low on the sides and the back, making the situation quite risqué. I did not want to have to worry all night, so I threw my trusty side-slit top over it and then brought along my leather jacket. Also shoutout to roommates who give you their clothes/jewelry when you have clothing crises before fashion week. Clap clap you rock, Brooke.



Peace n Blessings



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