Volunteering at LA Fashion Week: A Look Backstage

(all photos are mine)


Two weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer backstage at La Fashion Week. As a native New Yorker, I had very low expectations of La Fashion Week. When I first arrived at Union Station train station in downtown LA, though, my expectations quickly changed. While there was only one runway as opposed to an entire tent at New York Fashion Week, the space was impeccably set up with huge floral arrangements, gold leather couches and tons of seats along the runway. I also had low expectations because I had no idea what jobs I would be doing. There was a chance I could be backstage, there was a chance I could be working front of the house, or even ushering – it was all up in the air. Once I got there and I was placed backstage, I was excited but terrified. It was my first big job in the fashion world!!! Big things were happening and I was just a lowly freshman with no experience!!!

Working six and a half hour shifts was tiring, especially backstage. I dressed models, helped with quick changes if needed, and supported the designers in any way that I could. The first three days on the job I helped with every show, getting the models prepared to walk down the runway. I always knew the production side of fashion shows  were hectic, but there is absolutely no way to describe how much crazy activity went on in the shoebox of a space that we had backstage. Working six and a half hour shifts of straight backstage work was also rewarding. Being able to see photos of models on the runway in the clothes you dressed them in in under 90 seconds is just so cool. I spent last week as a guest at Style Fashion Week LA and just watching models walk down the runway, no matter how stunning the pieces were, is nowhere near as cool as getting them to that point. Ok, sitting front row was quite cool, but actually being able to touch the garments and watch them super super up close was just a tiny bit cooler. Like a fraction of a centimeter. My favorite day on the job was the final day. I worked backstage for a few hours with designer Eeshaal Niranjan of Model Citizen, helping him with everything from organizing his space to quick changing models to finding extra shoes for the show to protecting his white garments from makeup stains. Being able to stay with one designer and brand for most of the day was definitely a highlight of my overall experience. I also had plenty of time to fall in love with a sweatshirt… it was white and neoprene and had blue to grey ombre embroidered “model citizen” in a rectangle (and it looked a little like this but even better) – I would 10/10 wear it every day of my life if it I could. It was that great.

Overall, this was a great experience and I have to give a big thanks to Miro Door to making it all possible. All the hours and the ensuing cold was worth it in the end.


Here are some of the songs I heard being played during seating, between shows and during shows: “Slowly” – Dropout, “Stand By You” – Rachel Platten and “Blue Monday” by New Order.

Peace n Blessings



  1. How did you get the opportunity to do this? It has always been a dream of mine since watching gossip girl and seeing Blair Waldorf help her mother backstage.

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