No Need To Play It Cool

Polaroid CUBE12003946_916590318414112_3873225253180925229_n11938041_916588921747585_7943217232746811732_n11951926_916590481747429_1686154738621143914_n11986491_916588955080915_3152841269500204826_n12004077_916590455080765_6917277005270597944_n11350751_916590431747434_1852171845856480146_nIMG_4752

(photos taken on a Polaroid Cube)

imagesSanta Monica

When I first dreamt of going to California for college, I thought my time would be spent lounging on the beach, studying to the sound of crashing waves and salty breezes. Boy, was I wrong. My time is spent studying, however not on (or even near) a beach. My study spot has taken the shape of a big comfy chair in least aesthetically pleasing of the libraries and the shape of a metal chair on the porch of the library, in the occasionally noticeable breeze and ever-present sun. The good thing is my classes are interesting – yes, I like school. I really do – so doing work isn’t the worst thing in the world.

I did get some beach time in, though. My dorm floor took a group trip to Santa Monica, hopping from the metro to the bus and onto the pier.  It was such a nice break for being in bustling (yet weirdly spread out) downtown LA. Santa Monica is adorable. I got my shopping fix and food fix, in the form of crepes and a milkshake, on the promenade and then my beach fix, boogie board and all. I highly suggest trying to get two people on a boogie board simultaneously. It’s atrociously difficult and absolutely ridiculous.

I also suggest getting a Polaroid cube. It’s a smaller, less expensive version of a GoPro and is my favorite thing in the world. I now have a waterproof case for it, which made these lovely beach photos possible, and I can bring it more places without worrying about it getting a lot of water damage. The cool thing is that it’s splash proof and weather proof, but these West coast waves were far from splashes. One warning about the polaroid cube, though, is that it’s impossible to know what the photos are going to look like. In all of my attempts to document myself in a non-selfie fashion, lovely photos of the water or of the sky were taken. But hey, that’s just part of the fun.


My favorite beachy song: “Make A New Dance Up” by Hey Ocean! It’s so catchy and is incredibly beachy. Good vibes all around.

Peace n Blessings



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