La Lune


Top: Urban Outfitters via. Poshmark | Shorts: thrifted | Shoes: Vans

(photography by Maddie Seibold)

Sam Mazza’s Berry Farm

Berry picking is one of the most relaxing (yet filling) experiences I’ve ever had. When I’m on my days off I eat a ridiculous amount of food (breakfast was pancakes and fruit, then we picked berries, then lunch was a burrito, dinner was asian noodle stir fry and then dessert was more berries). Camp food is great, but its the little things in life like lettuce and fruit that I miss most. So, of course, I loaded up on real people food on my day off. I had been hoping to berry pick for a few weeks and I was so glad I finally got to do it. It’s really hard, figuring out which blueberries are perfectly ripe and digging through the raspberry bushes for bright red fall-off-the-stem berries. It’s also extremely difficult to not eat the berries right of the bushes. I must have payed for as many berries as I ate on off the bushes in the hour or two that I wandered through the berry farm.

Just because I’m at camp now doesn’t mean I’m not still on my Poshmark kick. I got this shirt, which is still available in Urban Outfitters btw, for $12 (as opposed to thirty something). It arrived right at camp in three days and it was in great condition. God, Poshmark rocks. Can you tell I like Poshmark? I also got these shorts at this crazy thrift store, Downtown Threads, in Burlington, VT and I love them way too much. I’m not sure if its the color or the fact that they fit perfectly tight at the waist and perfectly loose everywhere else, but they’re amazing.


Little Mix is officially back in my life. “Black Magic” is so catchy and classic LM, it’s another one on my wake-up cabin playlist.

Peace n blessings



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