Dress: Marshalls

(photography by Zoe McPheron)

Kiwi Night

One of my favorite things about camp is the view from the water. Seeing the mountains right against the lake and the sunset behind all of that is just incredible. I can’t get enough of the sun setting o’er the mountains and if I could watch the horizon from camp every day of my life, I would. Kiwi night is my favorite night at camp because we get to spend time on the waterfront, sending candles out on the water at sunset. The whole night is so beautiful. It’s also one of the two nights we get dressed up at camp, next to final banquet. I’m not sure why I gravitated towards a maxi dress, because it was a million degrees and we spend a great deal of time wading in the water on kiwi night, but I did and it happened. I love the top with the Aztec pattern and the lace up back. I’m loving camp and can’t wait to start the second session!

Tunes: “Reflections” MisterWives- it’s just so catchy, and it’s been on repeat at camp. I love love love it. 

Peace n Blessings



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