Mt. Philo

mt. philo-1mt. philo-4mt. philo-5mt. philo-3mt. philo-7mt. philo-6

Top: Nordstrom | Sweater: Kerisma | Shorts: Romwe | Shoes: Vans | Raincoat: Amazon

(Photography by Zoe McPheron)

Charlotte, Vermont: Mt. Philo

I love Vermont in the summertime. Working as a camp counselor is one of the most rewarding jobs and I wouldn’t want to spend eight weeks anywhere else. Earlier this week I had my first day off and it was filled with laser tag, non-camp food and a hike up Mt. Philo. The day was originally supposed to be rainy so I brought my new favorite raincoat along. It’s clear (so you can see my outfit) and I wear it all   the   time. It’s definitely one of the best amazon prime purchases I’ve ever made. The day turned out to be a bit cloudy, but it cleared up and got quite sunny once we reached the top of the “mountain” (it was more like a hill). We ate lunch at the top and hung out for a while. Overall, my first day off was a success. I’m back to normal campy things today and will be on a two day hike starting tomorrow! I’ll continue to be pretty active on my social medias and there will be another post next weekend.

Peace n Blessings


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