Governors Ball 2015

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Top: Kohl’s | Shorts: Romwe | Shoes: Vans | Sunnies: Bass | Backpack: Urban Outfitters via Poshmark

Governors Ball, Randall’s Island

I started my bucket list three and a half years ago when I started my blog, and ever since day one, going to a music festival has been number two on the list. Saturday, I crossed that off my list. I veni, vidi and vici-ed at Governors Ball and I loved every second of it. My friends Leah, Norah and Landy and I started off with HOLYCHILD, the most amazing group in the history of music. They were so fun and energetic and I love that they’ve created a whole new genre (brat pop). We got to meet them after their performance and they were seriously the nicest people. They were so genuinely interested in talking to everyone who came out to get their album signed and were so excited to meet their fans. My favorites from their set include “Money All Around“, “U Make Me Sick”, and “Happy With Me“. Next we headed off to see Marina & The Diamonds who was amazing as always. The crowd by the time she performed was exponentially greater; we went from being front row at HOLYCHILD to being lost in the back in the matter of an hour. After that we wandered around the food trucks and head-bobbed to some Kiesza in the background. Then we sat and listened to Angus & Julia Stone. I didn’t know much of their music, but the vibe was so relaxing and their vocals were so raw. We ended the night (after more food, of course) with Conor Oberst. I had never heard his music before, but my dad and my friend, Landy, were big fans. We left before all the Deadmau5 madness (#1 because 18,000 EDM fans and me and my three friends just don’t mix, and #2 we were graduating the next day) so Conor was the last act we saw. He was so calming yet fun at the same time it was the perfect way to end the night.

Speaking of food, the food was unreal. I had Korean BBQ short rib tacos with red cabbage and parsley for lunch (with a free slurpee sample on the side), I had 16 Handles and I drank milk out of a coconut. There was an entire food truck dedicated to grilled cheeses, and another with just vegan ice cream. Along with the food there were also a bunch of amazing art installments. Gov Ball wasn’t just about the music, it was about the experience. Half of the day was spent solely standing in crowds or sitting in the non-muddy parts of the grass listening to fantastic music, and the other half was filled with food eating, people-watching, art enjoying and picture taking. If you ever get the chance, please please pLeAsE go to Governors Ball! It was an unreal experience and I hope to be back on Randall’s Island next spring.

Peace n Blessings



  1. Just though I’d tell you because I noticed this on your bucket list and this blog post:
    As per the laws of nature, cutting open a coconut yields a fresh supply of coconut *water*. Coconut *milk* is obtained from brown coconut meat.
    If you did actually drink milk, and not water, out of a coconut, it means that your coconut was cut open, its water was extracted and coconut milk from another source was poured into the coconut.
    It is tradition when drinking coconut water out of a coconut that, when one is finished drinking water, the coconut is cut open even further so that one can eat the coconut jelly, or coconut meat, with a spoon. If you did this, than the jelly was the closest experience you had to fresh coconut milk.

    Great post! I just wanted to correct a misconception….congrats, you have just acquired more worldly knowledge.

    1. To be quite honest I couldn’t even tell whether it tasted like coconut water or something more milky when I was drinking it! I also cut open the coconut afterwards and did have some of the “meat”, too, so I guess I had some coconut water and something close to coconut milk! Thanks for enlightening me on coconuts haha!

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