Sun Shy


Sweater: thrifted | Skirt: Free People | Sandals: Marshalls | Top: Urban Outfitters

(photography by Kathryn McSherry, sunset photo by me)

Hilton Head, South Carolina

I am a sucker for a good sunset. I know, I know, how cliché. I guess it would be more fitting (and less…basic) to say that I am a sun worshipper in general. I’m always looking up at the sky. I love sunrises, sunsets, clouds – everything about the sky. I usually settle with the telephone wire and tree branch covered sunset back at home, which is just fine, but these past few days in South Carolina have blessed me with to die for sunsets on the water. And these aren’t just your average color-changing-sky sunsets; I’ve literally watched the sun disappear into the abyss three nights in a row. It’s just unreal. This outfit is definitely more colorful than my go-to black/white/blue ensembles. I also can’t remember the last time I wore a denim skirt, or anything embroidered, for that matter. I just could not pass up the opportunity to wear something so bright and summery with such a beautiful background.

sotd: “Sun Shy” by Dresses has been one of my favorite songs lately. It’s very summery and it puts me in a great mood.

Peace n Blessings


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