My Top Four Christmas Playlists

Blogmas: Day 2

You know those people who jam to Christmas music all year round? Yep, that’s me. There is just nothing better than some Christmas cheer, no matter where you are or what time of year it is. Christmas is three days away, yet most of us Christmas celebrants are still running around gathering gifts and making last minute plans. This is the time where most of the Christmas magic is lost. Sad, but true. Since I have been listening to these playlists for way too long, I rounded up some of my favorite Christmas playlists to bring back the feelings that should be felt around Christmastime.

❄ ❄ ❄

Playlist 1: An Acoustic Playlist

Why I Like It: Everything is better acoustic (especially EDM hits). In this case, this Christmas playlist is a perfect mix of acoustic classic song covers and chill original tracks. It is perfect for background music for dinner, present exchanging or chatting around the fire!

My Favorite Tracks: “Baby It’s Cold Outside” covered by The Royal Sons ft. Mariah McManus, “All I Want For Christmas” covered by Alex & Sierra, and “White Christmas” covered by Bright Eyes.

❄ ❄ ❄

Playlist 2: An Indie Playlist

Why I Like It: First of all, the playlist begins with a “Someday at Christmas” cover by my boy, Jack Johnson. How could a playlist with Jack Johnson be bad? The playlist is an entire mix of indie (and even pop) artists tackling classic Christmas songs and making them unique. It’s just fantastic.

My Favorite Tracks: “White Christmas” covered by Panic! At The Disco, “Sleigh Ride” covered by Fun., and “Wonderful Christmastime” covered by The Shins.

❄ ❄ ❄

Playlist 3: A Classic Playlist

Why I Like It: This playlist is the epitome of Christmas music. It features typical Bing Crosby songs but also includes songs by Ariana Grande, Carrie Underwood and Jackson 5. This mix of old with a pinch of new is the perfect recipe for a crowd pleasing playlist.

My Favorite Tracks: “What Christmas Means To Me” by Stevie Wonder, “Love Is Everything” by Ariana Grande, “Christmas Eve” by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” by Bing Crosby.

❄ ❄ ❄

Playlist 4: My Christmas Playlist

Why I Like It: These are all of my favorite Christmas songs on one short playlist. It features upbeat classics combined with indie covers and folksy/pop original songs. It’s good for youngins like me and every age group out there.

My Favorite Tracks: “Do They Know It’s Christmas” the 2014 Band Aid single, “It’s Christmas Time Again” by The Backstreet Boys, “Snow In California” by Ariana Grande, and “Silent Night” covered by The Vamps.

❄ ❄ ❄

The best thing about these playlists is that you can listen to them for free! If you know me (or read my blog constantly) you know that I’m a strong advocate for 8tracks; I literally share it with everyone I meet. (And if you’re wondering, this is in no way shape or form a promotion, I just seriously am obsessed with 8tracks). My favorite tags to search are “study”, “chill” and “indie pop” and every time I find a new playlist to obsess over. So go obsess over these playlists, and then move onto bigger and better playlists after Christmas!

What are your favorite Christmas songs? Which playlist is your favorite out of these four? I hope you enjoyed my Christmas playlists. I’ll see you tomorrow with Day 3 of Blogmas!

❄ ❄ ❄

Peace n Blessings



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