Last Minute Gift Ideas For Fangirls

Still stuck with what to give to your friends, children, siblings, etc. for the holidays? With only eight days until Christmas, it’s a stressful and exciting time. I realize that not everyone is a die-hard music fan and that everyone has a different taste in music, but I have rounded up the best gifts for some of the fangirls and fanboys in your life. Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 8.35.43 PM Perhaps the most talked about artist of the year, Taylor Swift is bound to be an inspiration for someone close to you. Here are some gift ideas that recipients will not shake off:

  1. Concert tickets // The 1989 World Tour — Taylor just announced a tour, with special guest Vance Joy, and tickets are almost gone. To find out when she’ll be near you, check THIS out.
  1. 1989 — Sure, fangirls/fanboys have probably downloaded this album on iTunes already, there is nothing like owning a hard copy of a fantastic record.
  1. Merch — Taylor Swift has an immense collection of merchandise, from tees to tea to-go cups. This is great for gift givers, but be careful with what you buy: not everyone would appreciate a shirt with her face on it! This is one of my favorite tops. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 8.35.52 PM Ed Sheeran, the ginger-haired guitar playing, singing/rapping/heart-melting British artist, is on almost everyone’s radar. Here are some gift ideas for the “Sheerios” out there:

  1. His book: Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey — Ed Sheeran just released his first book ever. Not only does Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey offer a first hand account of Ed Sheeran’s amazing success, but its illustrations are also done by Ed’s own childhood friend (and album cover artist)!
  1. Vinyls — Vinyl’s and record players are definitely becoming mainstream again. Even if you don’t own a record player yourself (like me), it is cool to hang on your wall or just look at! (here, “TOL” here)

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 8.35.30 PM Ah, 5 Seconds of Summer. A band met with mixed reviews (INSERT TWEET ABOUT WORST BAND). Maybe (definitely) my fangirl is showing in this post, but I am totally on board with the 5SOS boys and music. Here are some gift ideas for the 5SOS fam:

  1. LIVEsos — This album is different from anything I have ever heard. The collection of fourteen live songs is deemed an “at home concert experience”. Available HERE.
  1. Concert Tickets // Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour — Their tour was announced a whole year in advanced, but there are still a few tickets left for their North American tour this summer! Look HERE for tickets. 
  1. Merch — It sure does cure a fan’s aching heart. I love that 5SOS has a mix of tees with art and tees their faces. (From left to right, 1. 2. 3.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 8.36.07 PM And last but certainly not least, One DirectionAs arguably one of the most successful boybands of the year, there is no doubt that you know someone remotely attached to the band in some way. Even if they just enjoy their new fantastic album FOUR, here are some gift ideas for One Direction fans and non-fans alike:

  1. Four — Seriously the boys’ best album yet. It’s vibe is definitely more grown up, which widens their audience immensely. Pick up your own copy HERE.
  1. Concert Tickets: On The Road Again Tour — Yes, another One Direction tour. Seriously, go. Even if you don’t like them. Find out when they’re near you HERE.
  1. Makeup by One Direction: Makeup by One Direction Kits and the Limited-Edition Beauty Collection — If you remember a while back, I reviewed the first round of Makeup by One Direction. I was pleasantly surprised the first time, and even more surprised the second time around. The Limited-Edition Beauty Collection (the tin featuring Liam on the front) is similar in essence to the first makeup tins, but with better, more pigmented colors. I am wearing a combination of “Tell Me A Lie” and “I Would” on my lids and a combination of “Loved You First” and “One Thing” on my lips. Also, the eyeliner in this set is the best eyeliner I’ve ever used. It glides on so easily and is definitely replacing my old eyeliners. On the other hand, the Makeup by One Direction Kits (nail polish, mascara and lip gloss) are quite different. The colors are brighter, more sparkly and less geared towards teenagers than their other products. I definitely recommend this for younger girls, though. While I cannot rock the Liquilights Glow Gloss for the life of me, I am positive younger fans would appreciate the Electro Glam Mascara and Rock Me Nail Kit. For more information on Makeup by One Direction, go HERE.

What would you give your fangirl/fanboys?


Peace n Blessings


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