Radical Something // Concert Post

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Radical: 1. A word often used in a negative manner (i.e. radical feminists, radical Republicans, radical Democrats, radical views). 2. A cool 80/90’s kid synonym for awesome, sick, etc.

Radical Something: 1. A hip-hop/pop/rock trio known for their chill, California vibes. 2. A name your parents question (i.e. “Radical what?” “Radical Something? Is there really a something there?” “What is the real name? Radical ____” )

12/13/14: 1. A really cool date to write on the top of school papers. 2. The date of Radical Something’s concert in Manhattan.


Last night I attended Radical Something’s Webster Hall show (if you couldn’t tell already). I have been a fan of the trio for a few years now and their song “You Feel Amazing” frequents my 8tracks playlists. There was no way I could pass up the $5 concert tickets or an opportunity to see a rad band with some rad friends from camp  (whilst wearing my new Rad sweater from Forever 21 (which the band loved, of course)).

While it took a while for the show to start and for the fans to collect by the stage, the show was fantastic. It lasted almost two hours including the awesome opening act Academy, and I was in the front row for one hour and fifty four minutes of the concert, give or take a merch-stand trip or two. And by front row, I mean I literally was against the stage (I even sat on it at the end and swiped a setlist from the ground). And the music: just wow. As I was listening to Radical Something’s No Sweat EP on the train going into Manhattan I had no idea what to expect. Their recorded music is upbeat in its lyrics, but the backbeat is very chill. Needless to say, I was surprised at the rock ‘n roll vibe of their live music. The raps, bass and electric guitars were more prominent. Even the slower songs were hyped up. It was just… rad. Overall, this show is definitely towards the top of my list.



Peace n Radical Blessings


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