Why I Watched The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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(photos via Harper’s Bazaar, E! Online, and The Wrap)

I am a seventeen year old high school senior. I wear a uniform every day: plaid skirt, black vans, polo, sweater. Sometimes I don’t brush my hair; sometimes I wear the same pair of Walmart fuzzy socks two days in a row. You can find me doing work (or blogging) behind my computer screen: shoulders hunched, feet up, always in the presence of food. I love fashion (almost) too much. I live for dresses and flannels and socks (yes, I have a sock fetish) that make me feel as though I can conquer the world. Music is my therapy; it can make me happy, it can make me sad, it can make me confident.

I consciously made an effort to finish my work early last night so I could watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I wanted to see the fashion, I wanted to hear the music, and I wanted to see the celebrities. I wore my sweatpants, I ate ice cream, and I live tweeted. Whilst prowling twitter during the commercials, I came across unpleasant reviews: “they are all too skinny”, “this is a terrible influence for young girls”, “this is why there is a body consciousness problem”. My first thought was, these women are walking down a catwalk in front of millions of people wearing the most intimate clothing created. Why should we be shaming them for their confidence? My second thought was, yes, there is definitely a body consciousness problem, but if the show is watched in the right way, it could help young women in their search for acceptance.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.59.06 PM

Yes, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show showcases lingerie (I mean it is a lingerie brand, you know) and the models have “legs for days”, “thigh-gaps”, and wings, but the models are also wearing smiles. You can feel that the VS Angels are on cloud nine walking in this show. They blow kisses to the audience, interact with the performers, twirl on the catwalk, and they raise their arms in the air like they just don’t care. It’s pure confidence. 

When is the last time you’ve seen this in a fashion show? Every Fashion Week show (give or take a Betsey Johnson show or two) consists of straight faced models, walking down the runway and back. How often do you see models mouthing the words to the song blaring in the background? How often do you see such a successful marriage of live fashion and live music? Maybe even a better question, when have you done this yourself? When is the last time you’ve sang along (terribly, loudly, and with feeling) to your favorite song in front of other people without caring one bit? When is the last time you strutted down the hallway with your shoulders back and a smile across your entire face? At the end of the show, I marched upstairs to my bedroom, put on my favorite footie-pajamas, threw my arms up in the air and lip-synched the entirety of Nick Jonas’ Jealous”. It was great.

I did not brush my hair today. I wore my plain old uniform and jazzed it up with my duck socks. But you know what? I walked down that school hallway with a purpose. My shoulders were back, I smiled, and I felt like an angel. I don’t need to be in impeccable shape to feel confident, nor do I have to wear lingerie, wings and sky high heels to feel confident. I just need to be me.

To sum it up, I watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show because:

  1. it is a free fashion show. I take advantage of those every chance I get.
  2. the music is stellar. Who knew Hozier, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift could mesh so effortlessly with lingerie, wings and a catwalk.
  3. it promotes confidence. As a serial shoulder-slumped teenage girl warned of every kind of body consciousness possible, it is absolutely refreshing to see confidence like that of the VS angels. Heck, if they can be confident almost naked, I can be confident in anything I wear.
  4.  it is a celebration; a celebration of women, happiness and the success of Victoria’s Secret.

Did you watch the VSFS? If you did, why? If you didn’t, why not?  What makes you feel confident? Music (if so, what songs)? Socks?!? Comment below, I’m dying to hear!


Peace n Blessings



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  1. Amazing way to put it Megan! Refreshing to hear a different take on the model and the show as a whole. The models are putting way more than just their abs and legs on show!! xoxo

  2. You have personalized your reaction to the show–and just as articulately to the comments ABOUT the show–in such a thoughtful and positive way. Kudos! Beauty is as much internal as it is external and you are right to suggest that more girls in our society should FEEL BEAUTIFUL. That can make an angel out of anyone.

  3. Great thoughts, very well said! I watch the show every year, and it doesn’t inspire me to diet– it inspires me to get out there and live my life radiating confidence and energy. And ok, maybe do a few crunches 🙂 But you’re right– it’s a celebration of women and femininity.
    xx, Emily
    shell chic’d

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