Winter Coats: A Love Affair

IMG_5327 IMG_5340 IMG_5335 IMG_5349 IMG_5354

Jacket: Nordstrom BP | Sweater: H&M | Boots: Old Navy | Pants: Rich And Skinny

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)

Yes, I know, I’ve worn these boots in the past 201573 posts, but do you notice something different? Is that me wearing a winter coat? As I have professed multiple times, I have a strong dislike for winter coats. First of all, I cannot pull off a “marshmallow” coat for the life of me. Second of all, I break out in hives when I touch wool, let alone wear it. Third of all, I am unbelievably picky when it comes to clothing (which is surprising if you look in my closet). This leaves me with quite the slim selection of winter coats to choose from.

On my way out of one of my Nordstrom BP Fashion Board Meetings, I spotted this coat. It was just my style, it looked warm, and alas, it was not made of wool! It came home with me that day and has certainly been loved so far this winter. While spending the weekend in upstate New York, it was put to the test. Temperatures were below freezing (and considered warm to my brother), but I still stayed toasty. I guess I have gone to the dark side… the coat side. So, Nordstrom BP winter coat, here’s to you.

SOTD: “Changing of the Seasons” Two Door Cinema Club. No, the seasons are not changing currently, but I am still jamming to this song.

Peace n Warm Blessings


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