Kiwi Night

IMG_3204IMG_3207 IMG_3206IMG_3190IMG_3194 

Jumpsuit: Forever 21 | Necklace: Kiwi Disc and St. Christopher’s Medal

(photography by Kathryn McSherry and Zoe McPheron)

Colchester, VT

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to write about the silver disk that graces my neck every day. As you should know by now, I spent the last three and a half weeks at my sleep away camp, Camp Dudley at Kiniya. This silver disk, known as a Kiwi disc, is something awarded to someone at the end of their fourth summer at camp. While there is a legend about a Kiwi bird and something about four years and its home, none of us Kiniya girls really know it at all (or know if it’s even true). Anyways, Kiwi day has been a longstanding Kiniya tradition and is something all of us look forward to. Thanksgiving dinner followed by the presentation of the disks and topped off with candles on the water and a dance, Kiwi day is one of the best of each session.

On my recent trip to California, I picked up this jumpsuit in, none other than, Forever 21. I honestly first picked it off the rack because it was on sale and because it looked crazy, but the longer I wore it in the dressing room, the more I fell in love. While it probably wasn’t the best thing to wear whilst putting candles on the water, it screamed “me”, and if I’ve learned anything from camp, it’s to be me. 


Peace n Blessings



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