Disneyland with Jackson Guthy!

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Disneyland, California

When singer/songwriter/hooligan/LA native Jackson Guthy said yes to my promposal in December, I knew it was a long shot (but the yes was pretty cool). After he had to get surgery, Jackson had to say no to prom, but he said yes to something else.

Jackson flew my mom, my friend Leah and me out to Los Angeles earlier this week. Day one consisted of flying across the country, walking the walk of fame in Hollywood and hitting the sack quite early, for Cali time is a bit difficult to adjust to. After waking up at 6am on the dot (all of us) the next morning, we spent most of our morning at Starbucks (the only place that happened to be open that early) and then moseyed around until it was time to head for Disneyland!

We met Jackson and a bunch of his friends (Ray, Lurie, Mozart, Edison and Ethan) at Disneyland and then set off for some rides. Before this trip, being on a bus that simultaneously turned and went up a hill would freak me out, so I was not expecting to go on many rides. But as you can tell from the ridiculous ride pictures (Space Mountain takes the cake), I went on loads. Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, the Indiana Jones ride, just to name a few. While I held on for dear life (my arms are still sore…), I had more fun than you could ever imagine. At dinner we exchanged polaroids and drank way too many diet cokes (they were bottomless AND served in mason jar cups) and then it was time to say goodbye. We flew home the next afternoon, after doing some major damage in the stores near our hotel, and landed way past our bed times in New York.


Mixtape of the day: Music is obviously a huge part of my life (hence the Tunes in T&T) and I wanted to share some of my favorite songs with Jackson (and his friend Ray) as a thank you. I started making this mixtape, which I entitled “My Prom Is Wherever You Are” after the line Zac Efron says in my all time favorite scene of High School Musical 3, before Jackson even said he would go to prom with me. Therefore, it is a total mix of new and old songs. After editing it multiple times, the final mixtapes looked and sounded quite good in my opinion, and it seemed like Ray and Jackson liked them just as much as I did. Listen to Jackson’s mixtape here.


I want to end this post with some words of wisdom (or words as wisdom-y as a 17 year old can be): if you work for your dreams and you truly believe they will come true, something good will come of them. The outcome may not be your exact wish, like a date to prom, but it will all work out in the end.

10408559_691401704266309_8131492632999355966_nThanks again to Jackson and his manager for putting this whole trip together, it was absolutely amazing and I’ll never forget it!


Peace n Blessings



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