Smart Girls Conference

IMG_2697 IMG_2702IMG_2711IMG_271610494814_687770541296092_4208343297185418680_n


Top: Keene LA | Pants: Forever 21 | Sandals: Dolce Vita | Necklace: Michael Kors | Bracelet/Ring: NYC | Bag: Kenneth Cole c/o Smart Girls Group 

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)


As you can tell by the lack of new (or beautiful) background, I am back in America. Although I miss Italy like crazy, my time back in New York has been great. Extremely hot, but great. And I know what you’re thinking… “Megan, if it was “”extremely hot”” today, why did you wear pants?”. Today I attended day one of the Smart Girls Group Conference at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus in New York City and such a conference called for business-y attire. The conference was truly inspiring, with speakers ranging from Kayla Webley (senior editor, Marie Claire) to Shiza Shahid (CEO, Malala Fund) to Stephanie Ruhle (editor at large/anchor, Bloomberg News). Hearing from such successful women in all sorts of corporate fields and leadership ranks and being surrounded by other young women interested in the same things as me was amazing. I even made some blogger friends! I have a full day of girl power scheduled for tomorrow and I can’t wait.


Some noteworthy quotes from today:

“Work hard on your self, don’t be hard on yourself” – Sarah Rhule

“If we accept the stereotypes of women in the work force, we’re as guilty as those who participate” -Sarah Rhule

“Learning is different from education. Learning how to be a change maker is what’s important.” – Shiza Shahid

“Don’t let your To-Do’s get in the way of your What-If’s” – Ashley Parrish


p.s. Vote for this look on Teen Vogue’s Fashion Click!


Peace n Blessings




  1. You look beautiful!! I ❤ your whole outfit! and you definitely look smart 😉

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