MAMbo Italiano

IMG_6396IMG_6384IMG_6386IMG_6393IMG_4103   Dress: Wet Seal | Tank (under dress): Brandy Melville | Shoes: Marshalls | Sunglasses: NYC Street Fair (Photography by Caroline Gillespie) Ciao da Italia! As you can tell by the change of scenery and change of photographer, I have made it to Italy! Bologna, to be exact. Today was museum day and I fell in love with the MAMbo. As it was my presentation topic, I had to guide my group of classmates through Bologna to the MAMbo and present on its history. Before we even arrived I loved it and after leaving I loved it even more. My last photograph is from the museum in the temporary exhibit by an artist named Nick Van Woert. Aside from the museums, I have gotten crafty in Italy. Using a headband as a belt? Never thought I would have to do that… Friday we are off to Venice, ciao!

p.s. Vote for this look on Teen Vogue’s Fashion Click!


Peace n Blessings



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