La Da Dee

IMG_0157IMG_0181  IMG_0165 IMG_0158 IMG_0174 Kimono: Marshalls | Top: Brandy Melville | Shorts: Forever 21 | Sandals: Marshalls | Necklace: Brandy Melville (photography by Kathryn McSherry) If you can’t tell by my big smile and my post on a Wednesday, IT’S SUMMER. I’ve been sleeping, Catfish binge-watching, ACT cramming, room cleaning and shopping. I hit it HUGE at Marshalls on Monday, scoring basically a whole new wardrobe for my trip to Italy (including these adorable sandals and kimono!) . I thought after my jelly shoes arrived that I had officially turned a corner with my personal style, going from Bohemian Ave to 90’s Grunge Street, but after shopping and leaving with more boho prints than I ever thought existed, it’s safe to say I turned right back around.   Song of the Day: I’ve definitely blogged about this song before but seriously, if you haven’t heard it before, go listen: “La Da Dee” by Cody Simpson. 

p.s. Vote for this look on Teen Vogue’s Fashion Click!

Peace n Blessings



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