One Step Closer

DSCN2351 DSCN2352 DSCN2356DSCN2348DSCN2363

Dress: c/o Wet Seal (buy HERE) | Shoes: Old Navy | Sweater: Forever 21 | Belt: Forever 21

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)

It’s pretty crazy to believe it’s May… I’m just one step closer to the end of AP exams, the end of Junior year, and, most importantly, prom. Remember that “Secret” post I shared with you about a month ago, well now it isn’t a secret anymore! I won a makeover for prom from Teen Vogue! The video aired today and has been circulating around to all my friends, family, and now you. Go watch the video (and see my AMAZING off the runway Zuhair Murad couture dress) HERE.

Aside from prom (which trust me, I can’t stop talking about), the warm weather has been getting me through the last few weeks of Junior year. Not only does warm weather mean the end of the school year, but it means spring clothes. This sunflower slip dress from Wet Seal definitely brightened up my dress down day (which included an APUSH test and physics class last period). I’ve recently become a sucker for florals, especially daisies and sunflowers. They just make me happy; there’s no other way to explain it.

Song of the day: In case you couldn’t pick it up in my opener, “One Step Closer” by Shane Harper. This has been my favorite-song-that-nobody-knows for almost a year and I think it’s about time to share it.


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Peace n Blessings



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