Secrets, Secrets

DSCN2090DSCN2088 DSCN2089  DSCN2097 DSCN2101



Top: thrifted American Apparel | Tulip Tank (underneath): The Hanger | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: c/o Wet Seal | Hat: Forever 21

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)

First of all, I officially apologize for the absence. Trust me, I’m alive. My excuses are great, but one HUGE event (to which I wore this outfit) I’m not allowed to share. “”Secrets, secrets are no fun,”” I know I know, but trust me, it’s worth waiting. My first excuse is my trip to California. A short stay, days loaded with college visits and jet lag were not great combinations for squeaking photography time out my my sister… Next, I was bombarded with work ( I know, a typical Junior year excuse, but really…). And then next, this thing I can’t talk about…

Well, for this mystery event, I tried to wear my best. “Something that describes my personal style”, they told me. My go-to high-waisted jeans and booties came in handy and the rest (surprisingly) came together some time around 6am. Oh, and those earrings? They accidentally walked off set with me… oops.




Good to be back.

Peace n Blessings



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