I Want To Spend My Time Running Around With You

Well, a few days ago I did spend my time running around with someone: Jackson Guthy, that is. Now I know what you’re thinking… didn’t you do this last year? Yes, it’s becoming sort of a yearly thing. But hey, I’m not complaining.

I’ve been a bit slow on updating you all on my prom endeavors. I had it set in my mind that Jackson Guthy would be the prime prom date ever since I stalked through prom photos of older juniors and seniors at my school last year. So then the #Mackson2Prom adventure started. This year it escalated with a website and a youtube vid. Well a few months go by and then THIS happens. In the middle of a 4pm showing of “Catching Fire” when my phone starts to buzz… and buzz… and buzz. I finally check and my screen is exploded with “AwesomenessTV: check this out!” and “Retweeted by Jackson Guthy”. So, of course the thing everyone would do in the middle of a movie, I pull out my headphones and watch this mysterious video link. 2 minutes into the video the attention switches to me, “Megan from New York”. Well, go watch it for yourselves.

So when I saw Jack was holding another Find Jackson in NYC, I bent all my plans to accommodate a little time for my prom date. Because I went last year, I knew all the tricks Jackson had up his sleeve. Not to enter from the front, to be surrounded by his friends, to be clad in sunglasses: I had it all figured out. My friends and I spotted him first and immediately went to say hi. “Wait, I’m going to prom with you”, he said. “Everyone, I’m going to prom with her”, he said. “So you’re the prom girl”, they said. It was great.


“I’ll just squat down a little bit”, he said. (He is like 6’something).


Anyways, a little hot chocolate later, and a few polaroids later, the day came to a close. Thanks Jack for everything, and shoutout to Ray Nowak and Eric Unger and co. for everything. (And shoutout to my Wet Seal combat boots that saved me from not losing any toes to frostbite)


Song of the Day: obvi by my pal Jack, “Pretty Lady”. (and the lyrics in my title, “One of These Days”)


Peace n Blessings


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