Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


Last night was my second annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. This year I changed the rules a little bit though: the sweaters had to be homemade. Although not everyone followed the rules (I’ve got some rebellious friends), the sweaters were as ugly as ever. I decided to make my sweater look like a Christmas Tree and to add to the holiday spirit, I made my hair like Cindy Lou Who from the movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

On a side note, I bought one of those disposable camera’s from Urban Outfitters that puts an overlay on the pictures and this one was Christmas themed. I think I’m in love. Although it’s like extremely expensive for 21 photos  that are 99% likely to turn out terribly, it is definitely fun to have. I bought the Happy Holidaze overlay camera.

DSCN1774 DSCN1778 DSCN1785



Sweater: Homemade (stay tuned for a DIY vid on how to make it!) | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: Vans

P.S. Want to make Cindy Lou Who hair like mine? Watch my DIY video!



Peace n Christmas Blessings

Megan & friends

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