1D Day

As you all know, One Direction has a very special place in my heart. They’ve basically effected every part of my life. In preparation for the 1D Day 7 hour livestream video that commenced yesterday, One Direction’s team was all a-buzz trying to find inspiring stories of the worlds’ biggest fans. When I saw a tweet asking me to send in “My 1D Story”, I could not resist. I recounted the 5 concerts I’ve been to, the crazy outfits I’ve worn and the amazing friends I’ve made all over an email. I knowing what would come out of that email, I was over the moon excited when I received an email from Colombia Records’ team asking me to come in to their headquarters for an interview. I could not resist. I brought two of my closest friends whom I met through One Direction, and we headed into the unknown. Reaching the 25th floor and opening the door to the Artists’ Lounge was exciting in itself. We felt no nerves, surprisingly, sitting in front of blaring lights and professional cameras as the three of us told the stories of our lives… literally. What has been a lifetime for each of us was recounted in 10 minutes. After we left the lounge, we were still full of questions. Was this going to be shown during 1D Day? What it going to be released separately? Would One Direction actually see this? And yesterday, all of our questions were answered.


3 million people around the world and our 5 boys watched each of us, and a bunch of other girls around the US,  share a part of our story. I want to say a big thank you to Jenna for picking my story, my friends for coming along with me, and One Direction for changing my life.

Watch me and other One Direction fans from around the US at 5:25:00! 

Since I’ve shared a part of the Story of My Life with you, go take a listen to One Direction’s “Story of My Life”, a single of their third album Midnight Memories that is officially out tomorrow! Make sure you pre-order it, I can’t wait to listen!

Peace n Blessings,


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