It’s crazy to think that 48 hours ago I was a part of history. A big part of history. I was a part of Ed Sheeran’s first headlining concert at Madison Square Garden. I was a part of the mosh-pit on the floor, I was a part of the “universal shh”, I was a part of the “gospel choir”. And all of this, at Madison Square Garden.

The October 29th show was the only show with an unannounced opening act, so when I saw a flashing Snow Patrol logo on the big screens, I could not have been happier. The lead singer, Gary, was having the absolute time of his life. He was bouncing around on stage for the entire set, and he really the crowd to have fun (which of course, we did).

IMG_9832  IMG_9820

On the moonlit drive home from the show, my friends dad explained how, while waiting in the car, he researched concert reviews for Ed. He said, and I quote, “47 out of 48 reviews” that he read were great. Ed is applauded for including his crowd in his concerts, and I think that may just be an under appreciation. I have seen two headlining Ed Sheeran concerts: one at Terminal 5, and one at Madison Square Garden. Polar opposites, if I do say so myself. But, if anything, I felt more connected to Ed in an arena of 18 thousand people than in a pit of 2 thousand people in Terminal 5. Honestly, it’s indescribable. So basically, everyone should go see Ed in concert. Everyone. Even if you don’t know any of his songs, I guarantee you will have an amazing time.




Song of the Night: Now, I can’t possibly choose one song, but here are a few of my favorites. When he tours, Ed sing’s a cover of  “Be My Husband” by Nina Simone. He teaches us the chorus of the song, a simple “Oh daddy now, now, love me good”, and we all jam out together.  Another one of my favorites, which he called “one of the silliest songs he’d ever written”, and which I had never seen him sing live, was “Wake Me Up”. But my all time favorite was a song off his upcoming album. It’s a real tear jerker. Keep on the lookout for his new album, Emblem.

Peace n Ginger Blessings


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