A Fall Wedding


Yesterday I trekked to Pennsylvania with my family to celebrate my cousin Sean and Meagan’s wedding. It was great to get to see a bunch of my relatives and welcome Meagan to our crazy family!

I wore one of my favorite Fall dresses from American Apparel. I have a slight obsession with low back dresses and I’m now falling in love with this deep shade of red (just wait until you see the killer beanie I ordered!). Another one of my guilty pleasures are recycled and repurposed things. This bag, for example, is an old Dutch magazine. It’s definitely a statement piece and oh so green.

As for statement pieces, I decided to try something new with my hair. I spent the entire day in two pigtail braids. About 30 minutes before the ceremony, I took out the braids and put in some leave in conditioner to tame the flyaways. I separated one side of my hair into three sections and twisted them and clipped them back so my hair gathered to one side. This literally took 10 minutes to do and I loved it!




DSCN1337  DSCN1340




Dress: American Apparel | Shoes: Marshalls | Rings: H&M and Urban Outfitters|Bag: Recologie | Necklaces: (shorter) Urban Outfitters, (longer) gift |


Song of the Day: A flawless rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”, covered by Boyce Avenue and Beatrice Miller


Peace, Blessings and Congratulations to Meagan and Sean McSherry!


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