I Wish Tour

I can’t think of a better way to kick of my Junior year of high school than to go to a hoppin’ concert with some buds from school. When I heard Cher Lloyd, 5th Harmony and Jackson Guthy were all touring together, I knew I had to be there.

I spent a majority of my day waiting in a barricade  outside the Best Buy Theater in Times Square with my friend Leah, but the wait was definitely worth it in the end. I weaseled my way up from the 9th row of people in general admission to the second row. All of the performers sang straight into my camera, especially Cher.

The first act was a girl named Zara who had amazing backup dancers and a voice to match.



Next was Jackson Guthy, my main man. I’ve been a fan of Jackson’s for a few years now and I always try and see him when he comes to New York. He performed a few new songs last night and it’s safe to say I’m already obsessed with them (especially “Pretty Lady”, it’s been stuck in my head all day!).


Next was Fifth Harmony, the girl group that placed third on last season’s X Factor. I loved the girls while they were on the show and last night I was completely blown away at the progress they’ve made since X Factor! I especially loved their acoustic cover of Lorde’s “Royal”.


IMG_8388   IMG_8404


And last but not least was Cher. I found out about Cher Lloyd around the same time I heard about One Direction, for they were on the same season of British X Factor. Cher’s sassy style and unique songs make the perfect mix for someone I can obsess about. Being second row to watch Cher perform was a blessing. She truly loves and trusts her fans and it was amazing to see how much she loved everyone in her crowd close up. She sang a few new songs on the album she hopes to release in November, including a heartfelt number about her father, which brought tears to not only her eyes but the entire crowd’s. She also performed her new single “I Wish”,  an upbeat song perfect for a quick pick-me-up during the beginning of the school year.

Also, can we talk about her outfit? A micro-mini, a crop top, a chunky necklace, over the knee boots and faux-cornrows in her hair: perfection!

IMG_8470 IMG_8539 IMG_8545 IMG_8515


Here is a photo of my friends and I after the concert!



What I wore: Top: Brandy Melville | Skirt: Brandy Melville | Shoes: Vans | Headband: DIY | Bag: Brandy Melville


Song(s) of the Day: “Miss Movin On” by 5th Harmony and “I Wish” by Cher Lloyd.


Peace n Blessings


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