Busking in Washington Square Park

Yesterday I had a once in a lifetime experince: I watched Passenger “busk” or perform on the streets in Washington Square Park of New York City.


Passenger, also known as Mike Rosenberg, likes to busk in cities that he travels to, expanding his fan base and sharing his music with people eager to hear something new. He attracted quite a crowd yesterday, close to 100 people, fans and park goers. Mike is one of those artists that is even more talented live than on recording. He played his heart out and even broke a string on his last song, “Holes”, because he got so into the music. IMG_7616


Passenger recently toured around a few cities in the US and brought good friend and fellow singer-songwriter Stu Larsen along with him. We were lucky enough to hear both Passenger and Stu perform a duet, “My Heart’s On Fire”, one of Passenger’s original songs.


I also was lucky enough to meet Stu after Passenger scurried right off from New York to busk in Philadelphia later that night.




Song(s) of the Day: One of my all time favorite Passenger songs: “The Wrong Direction”, and also the duet Stu and Passenger performed together, “My Heart’s On Fire”.

Make sure you check out Passenger and Stu on their Facebook pages to stay up to date with their happenings.


Peace n Blessings



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