Mixed Prints

Last night I celebrated not only my first full day back from sleepaway camp but my mother’s birthday, as well! We went to this new restaurant in our town and let me just say I have never felt so full in my entire life. It was almost too delicious.

Camp is all about being crazy and part of that for me includes wearing whatever I want. I wore a flannel almost daily, regardless of whether or not it somewhat went with my Nike shorts or my socks and crocs (yes, crocs were a must this summer). So this summer left me feeling a bit gutsy with my pattern mixing.


Anyways, I felt pretty confident that this print mix would be acceptable in the “real world”. The one lesson I have learned about the ever so challenging print mix is that you have to go by colors. So whilst trying on outfits with my new favorite chevron top from Wet Seal, I grabbed random skirts from my closet. I actually ended up liking the combination of this peacock feather printed skirt and the chevron tank. The chevron is perfect to print mix with because the colors aren’t so crazy that it hurts the eyes but its bold enough to make a statement!

_MG_5919 _MG_5923

Top: c/o Wet Seal (available here!) | Skirt: Forever 21| Shoes: Old Navy

Photography by Kathryn McSherry


Song of the Camp Session: “Take A Walk” by Passion Pit


Peace n Blessings



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