Summer Break Tour ’13


Thursday night I went to Big Time Rush’s Summer Break Tour at Jones Beach Nikon Theater. Although I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Big Time Rush, this is the second tour of theirs I have attended. The main reason I went was to see Jackson Guthy, one of the opening acts. I have been a fan of his for quite a while now and I try and support him as much as I can by going to his shows and buying his music!


Jackson performed an awesome set, including original songs and even a mashup cover of two popular songs! After most of the shows, Jackson has a meet and greet to hang out with his fans, new and old. This was one of the main reasons I made the trek to this concert, and I was gutted when I found out after the entire show that he wasn’t having a meet and greet for security reasons. Hopefully he’ll be back to New York soon!


There were 4 different acts: Jackson Guthy, Olivia Somerlyn, Victoria Justice and Big Time Rush. I surprisingly found myself having fun at this concert, sitting back, relaxing and just enjoying the music.

BPoElNaCUAIxxWH.jpg-large    IMG_7178

After the show, I got to meet the lovely Olivia Somerlyn. She was so bubbly and smiley! She also said she loved my outfit and she loved how soft my shirt was!

Top: Mystique (store in Soho) | Shorts: American Eagle | Shoes: Converse | Jewelry: Forever 21 | Headband: DIY by me!


Peace n Blessings


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  1. You went to Big Time Rush? Wahh! So jealous! I wanna go too!

    x Angela /

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