One Direction, Jones Beach 6/28

This was a day to go down in the books: The day after my 16th birthday, my favorite band live in concert, me in the 12th row… what more could I ask for?

First of all, here’s a HUGE shoutout to my friend Leigh who offered me one of her Regular VIP tickets for the One Direction concert at Jones Beach. Regular VIP tickets for One Direction mean that you get to go to soundcheck before the concert begins, you get line-free access to merchandise, you get a “swag bag” with a tee-shirt and a poster, and you are in the FIRST 15 ROWS. It’s on the expensive side, but these tickets are TOTALLY worth it.

First, here’s what I wore. There’s a bit of a story with the shirt…

My first time seeing One Direction live about a year and a half ago, I wore this same shirt. I wanted to dress up like two of the members in the band so I ended up wearing suspenders and a plaid shirt… (it’s a little embarrassing to look back on it now but hey, that’s what Freshman year is all about).



photography by Elizabeth Bobroske

430289_288001311273019_38363238_n IMG_5634


This summer I am totally into crop tops and high waisted everything, so I cut the shirt , which I barely ever wear, into something I’ll wear more often!

I also tied my Brandy Melville British flag sweater around my waist, which came in handy when it started pouring rain in the middle of the concert!




Top: Abercrombie & Fitch | Skirt: American Apparel | Shoes: Converse All Star


There really aren’t words to describe how much fun I had during this concert. As I’m approaching my two year anniversary of discovering One Direction, it’s crazy how much my obsession love for this band has snowballed into something I can’t imagine life without. Being so close to the cutest kids on earth and being able to see them out of concert context was just a treat.



At soundcheck!



Harry spraying his water on us!



During the concert.





To say the least, the night was



On another note, my first youtube video is LIVE! Go watch me get ready for the concert and video footage from the concert!


Peace n Blessings




    1. I don’t think I have any, sorry! I did make a video though so if you follow the link at the end of the post there’s a bunch of concert footage and there are photos from the sound check!!

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