Let The Summer Concerts Begin

I, being the concert junkie that I am, went to a last-minute concert in a theme park last night! I literally called up my friend yesterday morning and we decided to get tickets! A few of my friends who I don’t get to see that often were there so it was great to be able to see them! Conor Maynard, a 20 year old British solo artist, was the headlining act and Hollywood Ending, a boyband with three 18 year old members, was the opening act.


From the get go I fell in absolute love with the members of Hollywood Ending: Tyler, Dan, and Cameron. They sang a mixture of their own original songs and covers! They all were so talented and I had a great time dancing in the crowd with my friend Rachel!

IMG_4233 IMG_4235

After Hollywood Ending finished, Conor Maynard came on stage. I am absolutely obsessed with his songs. They are so catchy with great beats and great lyrics. He started off as a singer on youtube who would cover famous songs, so he went back his roots and sang a slowed down cover of “Don’t You Worry Child” by Sweedish House Mafia and “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. He also sang some  “intimate” songs, as he called them, that touched everyone’s hearts.


After the show, Hollywood Ending stayed in the theme park to meet some fans! I met Tyler and Cam, but sadly I couldn’t meet Dan who was busy with other fans!


When my friend and I met Cam, a guitarist and vocalist for the band, we asked him to sign our CDs. Cam signed my friend Rachel’s CD with no problem, but seemed to have difficulty with mine! He dropped my CD on the concrete of the concert area and then got sharpie all over the inside of the case! He kept apologizing and explained how he was super tired and jet lagged from coming back from Switzerland, but I was completely fine with it, it was pretty cute!


When I first talked with Tyler, the lead singer of the band, I told him how much I loved the show and how I want to see them in concert again! He was so happy I had a great time. What was most exciting for me, though, was that as my friend and I were leaving after we took a picture he said that he loved my outfit! Snaps for you Tyler, you could not have picked something better to say to me!

Speaking of outfits, here was my ootd!


Top: American Eagle | Skirt: American Apparel | Shoes: Converse


Songs of the day: “Vegas Girl” by Conor Maynard | “Beauty And A Beat” (cover) by Hollywood Ending | “You” by Hollywood Ending (This will definitely be my song of the summer, it’s a great song!)


Peace n Blessings


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