You know that feeling when you sulk out of a store empty handed, leaving a love behind? You mull over the details in your head: it looked amazing but maybe when you turned a certain way it didn’t look right, it was a perfect color but it was a little too expensive, it was  beautiful but you couldn’t think of anywhere to wear it. You leave the store empty handed, but still thinking about that one thing. Well for me, that one thing is this gorgeous Topshop dress.



I tried it on, on a whim, in a Topshop on Oxford Street in London and instantly fell in love. It was a gorgeous orangey-salmon color with slightly padded shoulders that gave it a bit of a retro feel. Sadly, it was a little too pricey for my babysitter’s budget, so I put it back on the rack. For the past few days my friends have expressed their love for the dress, bombarding me with “Megan, it’s gorgeous!” “Megan you look amazing in that dress!” “Megan, get that dress!” and “You need that dress”. So I resorted to looking through the Topshop website to see if I could get one last look at it. I searched and searched and alas, it didn’t turn up. So now I’m stuck here regretting that I didn’t go out and buy it on a whim.

So if you are in love in the dressing room and you are in love when you leave the store empty handed, I wish you luck.


Peace n Blessings



  1. Awwww so pity that you didn’t get it at the first place! but no worries, there are always pretty dresses available at the malls!!! You will find a prettier one!!! Good Luck!

  2. I don’t want to rub more salt in the wound but damn that dress was simply adorable on you. Plus it looked amazing with those shoes giving it a very relaxed look.
    Dang :/ xx Karen

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