The British Are Coming



So as you all know, I am quite obsessed with British everything: music, fashion, people, singers, and even The X Factor UK. This year, there were quite a few boybands on TXFUK. One of my favorites, District3 came to visit New York! Yesterday, there was a small meet up in NYC with two of the members, because one of them was sick.


On the left is Dan, and on the right is Greg. They honestly were so sweet and kept saying things like “it was a pleasure meeting you” and “have a great night” to all the fans. When I met them they hugged me and were super sweet!!


This is Dan!!


And this is Greg!


This is my group of friends who I went with. ((shoutout to BBDC))


Denim: Gap | Tank Top: Brandy Melville | Sweater: Carole Little


The boys were honestly so adorable and so sweet to everyone! If you don’t know of District3, you should go check them out! They are really very talented.


Peace n Blessings




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