Today singer songwriter Jackson Guthy from California had a small meet and greet in Central Park! I spent all day in the city with my friends and I got to meet him. ((crossing that one off the bucketlist!!)) He is honestly one of the sweetest celebrities I’ve met and he was so caring and funny.

He made a game out of the whole day. We were sent clues to try to find out where he and his friend would be meeting fans, and he said the first person to tag him would get a free drink from Starbucks! Jackson and his friend George were smart and they rode bikes through the park. At 3:00 sharp we ran as fast as we could, and keep in mind I don’t run, and one my friends was the first to tag him! After spending close to an hour at the park we decided to walk to Starbucks. We walked and talked with Jackson and his friend for close to ten blocks. Once we reached Starbucks we took fun selfies and laughed and joked! Jackson even tried to hail me and my friends a cab when we were leaving because we were too short to! Honestly, it was so much fun. I hope I get to meet him again some day!

You really should all go check out his music, he is so talented!

jackson guthy

I wore my GAP jacket, a burberry scarf and a light blue cashmere sweater. I wore jeans and my vintage riding boots.




My friend Gaby took Jackson’s bike and started running. She ended up twisting her ankle really badly, and she started crying. Jackson came and sat next to her and called out for help. He was so sweet!!


I hope you all had a fantastic friday!

I am off to Florida tomorrow, I won’t be on much! If you want to stay updated with what I’m doing in FL, follow my instagram!! megmcshegs

Peace n Blessings


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