Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Last night I had my first Ugly Christmas Sweater party. It was a blast! We decorated gingerbread houses and we played Just Dance on the Wii and we did Disney Karaoke!

Here was my sweater! It was an (itchy) acrylic black sweater with red and gold sparkle details. I also tied a big ribbon in my hair to be a bit more festive!!





This is my friend Jen! She added Christmas bows to her sweater! She even wore bows as earrings!





This is my friend Landy! She took an ordinary penguin sweater and added all the christmasy details! How creative!!



This is me and my friend Norah. I loved her Christmas sweater with the teddy bears and the wreath!


Here is me and my friend Christianna! She wore a grey vest with snowflakes and snowmen on it!



This is Steph and Maggie! I loved Steph’s blue snowflake patterned sweater and Maggie’s sweater (from Urban Outfitters) had farm animals on it!



Even my DAD got in the Christmas Spirit with his corduroy red and green checked pants!




Overall, it was so much fun and I think all my friends enjoyed themselves!!




Merry Christmas Eve!!

Peace n Blessings



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