Today my family and I, in the Christmas spirit, went tree shopping. We didn’t take the easy way out, either, we went to a Christmas Tree Farm, one of those places where you find and cut down your own tree. We used to go while me and my siblings were younger, but we haven’t gone in a while. I was determined to go out and get a tree ourselves. I’m not quite sure why I was, but I was. Anyways, we took an hour long car ride up to the tree farm. We looked around for about an hour and decided that all the trees were “Charlie Brown trees”, and not what we were looking for. So we took an hour long car ride home, and picked up a Christmas tree in town. Typical us.

Anyways, I was feeling inspired by lumberjacks today ((because I thought we would be cutting down a tree)).


IMG_5400 IMG_5403 IMG_5407 IMG_5408 IMG_5417 IMG_5419  IMG_5426

Thermal Tee: Victoria’s Secret Pink | Denim: Hollister | Flannel: Hollister | Socks: American Eagle


I hope you all had a great day!

Peace n Blessings


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