DIY Fangirl Concert Shirt

Hi guys! So as I told you in a short post a week or two ago, I was blessed with VIP tickets to see One Direction at Madison Square Garden next Monday!! I immediately started freaking out about what to wear, and decided to pull out an old gem and see what I could do with it.

Now last year, I went to a One Direction concert in May, and I had the same struggle with what to wear. The day of the concert, while rummaging through my closet, I found a Silence & Noise dress that really caught my eye. It was black and silver striped, with the entire front of the dress doused in sequins. I wanted to glitter and sparkle so I could be noticed in the crowd, so I knew that the dress was what I wanted to wear. The only problem was that it felt too plain to me. Of course it was sequined, and that is interesting in and of itself, but I wanted it to really be special. So I went to work.

Now remember, this is all happening the day of the concert. I cut out the One Direction logo in bright red fabric and went to work sewing it all on in a matter of hours.

This is what I wore on the day of that concert in May!

As you can see, I didn’t wear it as a dress. I tucked it into my favorite high waisted shorts, Nellie, and paired it all with converse and a red hair bow.

But for this concert, it’s going to be freezing cold, and I don’t want to wear a dress to a concert, especially one without much shape, you know?

So I went to work… again.

This time Β I decided to take a trendier approach and turn the dress into a high-low top that I could pair with jeans.

(Creds to Landy for giving me the idea to turn it into a high-low!)

Isn’t it cool how it glitters in the dark?!

Do you guys like it??

I’m still not sure if I’m going to wear it to the concert or not… I’m having second thoughts, you know?

Peace n fangirl Blessings!



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