Bowling Style

So, surprisingly, I took a break from my normal anti-social lifestyle and I went out bowling with my friends last Sunday night. My dad was on varsity bowling for all 4 years of high school and would carry his bowling ball throughout New York City (and even on the subways!). I channeled my inner dad and I won (WOO)! I had a score of 106, now I don’t know how good that is but it sounded pretty good compared to my friends’ scores.

What did I wear?

I wore dark wash Hollister jeans, black converse (soon traded for legit bowling shoes) and a black and silver sweater from H&M.

What did my friends wear?

Well it seemed as though I overdressed for the occasion… My friends wore casual jeans and sweatshirts. My friend Christiana struggled with her outfit– She was not aware that her white bra would glow through her chiffon top under the bowling lane lights… You could assume she wore her sweatshirt the whole time. Poor girl.

look at that skill!

Christiana got creative…


peace blessings and bowling





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