Concussion Playlist

Well yes, I am officially concussed. Now I know you’re going to tell me, “Megan get off the computer, the screen is bad for your head”. Believe me, I know. But while I’ve been home chilling all day I’ve been listening to music to try to calm myself. Here are the top calming songs I’ve been listening to:

  1. Don’t You Worry Child- Swedish House Mafia
  2. Life’s For The Living- Passenger
  3. This- Ed Sheeran
  4. Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson
  5. Wide Awake (cover)- Jackson Guthy
  6. Fix A Heart- Demi Lovato
  7. Small Bump- Ed Sheeran
  8. Holes- Passenger
  9. Payphone (cover)- Jackson Guthy
  10. The Wrong Direction- Passenger

So while I’m stuck at school doing work I shouldn’t be doing, go listen to some of these great songs!


Peace and Blessings,

the concussed, Megan

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