Sunday Style

So I know it isn’t Sunday but it was Sunday just a few days ago…

It was feeling like Fall. The air was crisp, the sun wasn’t too bright, and the leaves were starting to get a bit of color. I wanted to take advantage of that perfect weather and wear my go-to shorts one last time before winter.


Meet my famous shorts, Nellie. I bought Nellie on a whim. I realized that at age 14 I couldn’t pull off the Abercrombie Kids short-shorts anymore and that I couldn’t expose half my stomach without looking like a lunatic. So I went online shopping for high waisted denim shorts. I had no plans on spending over $20 on a pair, and as I soon found out, it would be quite a struggle. After hours of looking through pages of Forever 21 I came across Nellie. Nellie was $16 and she came with a belt. They didn’t have my waist size, because I am very petite, so I took the risk and ordered them an inch bigger in the waist. When Nellie arrived at my house, she nearly fell down to my ankles when I tried her on. It was such a struggle. I ended up throwing her in the dryer about 12 times before I could wear her. She turned out to be the best pair of shorts I have ever owned in my entire life, and I legit hope I still fit into her when I’m in college.


Anyways, it was kind of cold outside, so I needed to wear a sweater. I went for a Lacoste red and white striped cardigan, and paired it with a dark grey v-neck from F21 and my converse. I wore a camel colored belt just to add something classy. I wore a turquoise ring from a NYC street fair and a celtic knot ring from Ireland. I also wore my converse. You’ll see as time goes on how often I wear these kicks.


To pull it all together I sported a Miley Cyrus bun with a grey CVS brand headband.


There’s my Sunday Style

Peace n blessings


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